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National solidarity will neutralise illegal sanctions


Stephen Mpofu

IF we Zimbabweans — regardless of whatever ideological political persuasions some among us espouse — demonstrate unmitigated solidarity against the illegal sanctions imposed on us two decades ago in a failed bid to remove the revolutionary Zanu-PF from power, the diabolic Western imperialist economic effrontery is bound to bite the dust and we then sing Hallelujah as our nation marches into brave new futures for today’s youth and for their children’s children.

That is the call made to all Zimbabweans by the African Union as well as the Southern African Development Community through their solidarity demonstrated at the recent Anti-Sanctions Day commemorations.

It is the same call that must be understood to have been made by different church leaders during their meeting in their congratulations to the President for his victory in the August 23-24 harmonised elections.

The same call must also have been veiled in the call by Matabeleland youths for the removal of the economic embargo to enable the country to chart a better new   future for present and generations to come.

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The sanctions which have already deprived Zimbabwe of USD$150 billion from various external sources for different national development projects is bound to continue its deprivation of foreign capital needed for various economic and social initiatives here at home as long as those who imposed the sanctions in the first place notice a lack of national political solidarity which makes them believe they can exercise their imperialist clout to remove their arch enemy, Zanu-PF from power in order for those opposition political entities to rise to power as neo-colonial stooges that dance to imperialist machinations. 

Which really makes the future appear gloomy as long as the country’s external enemies posit political fissures to exploit for their devilish intentions.

A renowned poet and academic, who requested anonymity in this discourse, probably poignantly put the Western imperialist view of Zimbabweans, and Africans in general, as still slaves when he said: “you arrive in America for instance and they wash you and then baptise you — meaning that they reorient your thinking to suit their own as was done to slaves shipped away from Africa hundred of years ago during the slave trade.

The salient and yet demonic message in the discourse immediate above is that any Zimbabweans who look to the imperialist West to be hoisted to power must know that the destiny of Zimbabweans as well as that of all independent Africa lies in Africans themselves and ultimately in our creator God the Almighty to whom all must put their genuine rather than evil wishes and desires for endorsement and implementation regardless of what other creature anywhere in the world says while riding on the back of the devil.

Therefore success in the lives of Zimbabweans as of other nations today and in the future lies in our own hands and with God’s blessings, which no imperialist power can negate.

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