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MRA seeks independent probe of DSS assault on journalist

mra seeks independent probe of dss assault on journalist

The Media Rights Agenda (MRA) on Wednesday said it had no confidence in the proposed investigation by the Department of State Services (DSS) into the reported assault on Vanguard photojournalist, Oluwagbemiga Olamikan.

It said the proposed investigation by officials of the agency would be an exercise in futility which can have no credibility, and called for a serious, independent and impartial investigation into this and other attacks against journalists.

In a statement issued in Lagos, MRA’s Legal Officer, Ms Obioma Adesewa Okonkwo, said: “The idea that the DSS plans to investigate itself in order to bring about a resolution of this matter is offensive to any concept of justice or fairness and runs counter to the well-established legal principle of fairness that you cannot be a judge in your own cause.”

She said if anyone has any doubt about the inherent lack of credibility of such a process, the person needs to look no further than the statement made by Dr. Peter Afunanya, the Public Relations Officer of the DSS, on August 3 in announcing the plan by the security agency to conduct an investigation, who even before any  investigation had started had said that “the DSS is a responsible security organisation with good working relationship with the media and so could not have assaulted journalists.”

Ms Okonkwo argued that having already reached a conclusion absolving the agency of any blame even before any investigation, it is difficult for any fair-minded person to believe that the DSS can have an open mind to conduct a fair and impartial investigation that is likely to result in its own indictment or establish the culpability of its personnel.

She described the proposed investigation as an exercise in futility that is merely designed to whitewash the incident which has serious implications for Nigeria’s international treaty obligations to ensure the safety of journalists as well as to investigate, prosecute and punish perpetrators of attacks against journalists.

Ms Okonkwo called on the Federal Government to live up to its obligations freely entered into by Nigeria at the levels of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), the African Union (AU) and the United Nations by launching an independent and impartial investigation into the reported assault on Mr. Olamikan as well as other attacks against journalists and other media practitioners, and ensuring that the perpetrators in all the cases are prosecuted and punished.

She said it is only by doing so that the government can begin to address the culture of impunity that has festered in the country, especially in cases of crimes against journalists and other media practitioners, for which no single person has ever been prosecuted in Nigeria.

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