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Mozambique: District Government Seeking to Rebuild 300 Houses

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Chimoio — The government of Macate district, in the central Mozambican province of Manica, is mobilizing resources to rebuild about 300 houses for the victims of cyclone Freddy, which hit central Mozambique in March.

Most districts in Manica were severely affected by the cyclone, which destroyed the homes of hundreds of families. The Macate district authorities want to rehouse about 300 of these families in “resilient houses’.

Contacted by AIM, the district permanent secretary, Rosario Saene said that contacts with partners are under way so that a start an be made on building these houses this year.

“In addition to the houses, the government has been distributing basic baskets of goods to the families affected by the cyclone’, said Saene. “These are families living in the Zembe administrative post which is the part of the district worst hit’.

Saene called on all residents of Macate to leave flood-prone areas and resettle on higher ground, so as to avoid the same situation recurring in future rainy seasons.

“The homes of these families have been destroyed or damaged’, said Saene. “Today they are homeless. We are working to relieve their suffering, and to encourage them to leave areas of risk, so that in future we won’t face problems of loss of property, or even of human life’.

In the Manica districts affected, the cyclone also swamped 8,164 hectares of crops, of which 1,813 hectares have been completely lost. Freddy also destroyed more than 80 classrooms in Manica, affecting 47 schools.

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