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MomShine, a New Podcast Set to Inspire and Support Moms, Launches This Week

MomShine, a New Podcast Set to Inspire and Support Moms

Established Content Leader Alicia Garibaldi Interviews Experts on Everything from Silent Food Allergies to the Broken Culture of Youth Sports

The more people I interviewed about the many decisions I was struggling to make daily on behalf of my kids — the better I felt. It brought a sense of calm to my home that I hope touches other moms.”

— Alicia Garibaldi

CORTE MADERA, CA, UNITED STATES, October 26, 2023 / — MomShine, a new podcast on a mission to inspire, educate, and support moms nationwide, launches today on Apple, Spotify, and Google. As an author of five For Dummies® business books, a Forbes contributor, and publisher of countless eBooks and webinars for successful HR tech companies, Alicia Garibaldi wanted a place to shine a light on moms’ stories and wellness tips. The podcast will post new episodes monthly covering everything from the latest on parenting in a world of social media, recent studies on food allergies being linked with behavioral disorders, to bringing the fun back to youth sports in America.

Over the past year, podcast creator Alicia Garibaldi, a mother herself, quickly realized the parent job was far more complex and nuanced than her day job of writing for technology companies. She attended Parent School, led by leading family therapist and MFT Polly Ely, to educate herself in the Bay Area. The information and perspective she received were one of the reasons that she was inspired to create MomShine.

Roughly 91% of women with children spend at least an hour daily on housework, compared with 30% of men with children. And working moms clock an average of 98 hours per week, about the same as working 2.5 full-time jobs. The first MomShine episodes aim to simplify various topics around this weekly grind to empower moms. They include:

—Episode 101 – Transforming Chaos to Calm: Leading family therapist Polly Ely, MFT, discusses the secret to raising happy, self-determined kids, all while maintaining leadership as a parent.
—Episode 102 – Food is Mood: Did you know anxiety and depression may be linked to what your kid had to eat today? Dr. Kumi Nagamoto-Combs shares groundbreaking nutrition science, including why silent food allergies could be the cause of behavioral issues.
—Episode 103 – Finding the Right Sports for Kids: What is the right amount of sports for kids? Youth coach and book author John O’Sullivan of “Changing The Game”, joins the podcast to shed light on how to pick the suitable activities for kids to prevent them – and us – from burnout.

“After the pandemic and having my third kid, I wanted to do parenting differently. The more people I interviewed and talked to about all the many decisions I was struggling to make daily on behalf of my kids — the better I felt. It brought a sense of calm to my home that I hope touches other moms struggling through the same things.” says Alicia. “With MomShine, I hope we all feel less alone in the hard work that goes into parenting and more able to shine in such an all-consuming role.”

To learn more, visit to subscribe and listen to episodes.

About MomShine
MomShine aims to simplify parenting by interviewing experts and other inspiring moms. That way, we can all support one another with the latest and greatest information. We hope the site and podcast help you feel better and able to shine more in your everyday life!

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