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Millionaire Job is pleased to announce the launch of their new app called GetYourBiz




ROMA (LAZIO), ITALIA, October 13, 2023 / — Innovative Millionaire Job App: The solution to create a personalized business plan

Millionaire Job is pleased to announce the launch of an innovative app called GetYourBiz, which offers a consultancy service for creating personalized business plans using artificial intelligence.

Addressing a common problem among entrepreneurs, Millionaire Job has developed this app to help start-ups plan and realize their entrepreneurial ideas effectively and affordably. The app has been designed to be accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial capacity or industry knowledge.

Key features of the Millionaire Job app:

• Personalized Consultation: The app provides an AI-driven consultation service to help users create a detailed and accurate business plan for their entrepreneurial idea.
• Market Analysis: Millionaire Job provides tools for conducting market analysis, competitor analysis, and analysis of features, offerings, and pricing.
• Global Accessibility: The app is available on iOS and Android, allowing anyone anywhere in the world to use it to create a business plan.
• Affordable Costs: Unlike expensive consulting services offered by big firms, Millionaire Job offers an affordable service for start-ups with limited financial resources.
• Continuous Evolution: The app is constantly being developed to offer more advanced features and updates to meet user needs.

The founder of Millionaire Job, Stefano Santori, collaborated with his friend Viglio Degiovanni to develop the innovative referral marketing system, which has already begun to spread the message in the entrepreneurial world.

The GetYourBiz app is already available on major marketplaces, iOS and Android, and continues to evolve to provide an ever-improving service to users.
For more information on the Millionaire Job app and to download it, visit the official website at

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