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MIKTA as dynamic partnership for the global good

In a world where the international news cycle is often dominated by information about great powers and geographic blocs, MIKTA provides a remarkable and dynamic model for cooperation as a ‘crossregional’ grouping of middle and constructive powers which support effective global governance.

MIKTA is a partnership formed in 2013 between Mexico, Indonesia, the Republic of Korea, Turkey and Australia, countries that span the globe in terms of their geographic locations.

Our five member countries are significant economic powers in their own right, and play pivotal strategic roles in their respective regions. Each of MIKTA’s member countries enjoys a unique culture and language, as well as different societal and governance arrangements. Our partnership is rather different in some respects than other international arrangements and groupings, where common geography is the more usual organisational point of reference, such as in the EU, ECOWAS or the African Union, for example.

Nonetheless, MIKTA’s geographic diversity is its strength, and what ties MIKTA countries together is their belief in the international rules-based order and awareness that consensus can be further advanced through cooperation across regions and between diverse countries in different parts of the world.

We seek to promote open economies, human rights and democracy in international governance structures, and it matters to us all that those structures effectively address the problems that we face.

Since 2013, MIKTA countries have regularly convened at the ministerial and officials levels. MIKTA countries have held 18 foreign ministers’ meetings as well as multiple meetings of parliamentarians and senior officials.

Our exchanges have also grown to encompass collaboration between diplomats, academics, journalists, experts and young people in areas ranging from global health and trade to international security, gender equality, governance, and sustainable development.

This year Australia is chairing MIKTA, and has set forth three priority areas for our common work:

• Covid-19 Response and Recovery – where MIKTA countries will share experiences with, and approaches to, Covid-19 response and recovery, with a particular focus on strengthening pandemic preparedness, the global health architecture and the equitable rollout of Covid-19 vaccines worldwide.

• Gender Equality – including a proposed joint statement on ‘The Role of Women in Building a post-Covid-19 World Together’.

• Climate Action, Adaptation, Resilience and Low Emissions Technology – where MIKTA countries have a work agenda to share experiences and help strengthen global adaptation and resilience efforts, recognising the importance of technology-focused approaches to reducing emissions.

We invite dialogue with Nigeria and our other West African partners as we seek to chart the way forward. As an important power in its own region, Nigeria is a promising ally of MIKTA and shares our interests in supporting the international rules-based order. Together, we head several of the key global bodies:

• Nigeria’s Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala as Director General of the World Trade Organisation (WTO), the key international body underpinning international trade in goods and services, and providing an important mechanism for addressing trade disputes.

• And Australia’s Mathias Cormann, Secretary- General of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), which develops better practice for freer, more open and fairer trade. MIKTA has planned an active series of meetings in 2021 to share views and advance its agenda, including meetings of Ministers for Foreign Affairs and Women, and of senior officials in the foreign affairs and health portfolios. A series of joint statements are planned, spanning financing for development; science and technology; and women, peace and security, among other topics. In summary, MIKTA is a creative and flexible affiliation of countries aiming to mobilise their collective resources and harness their diversity in the service of broader, more inclusive and more effective multilateralism and international cooperation.

We warmly welcome the engagement of our African partners with us, especially Nigeria, and to see what we can do together, as we seek to advance these common goals for all.

Jointly written by Heads of Mission: Mexico Charge d’ Affaires – Mr. Hernan de Jesus Ruiz; Indonesia Ambassador – H.E. Dr. Usra Harahap; Korea (South Korea) Ambassador – H.E. Mr. KIM Young-chae; Ambassador of Turkey – H.E. Mr. Hidayet Bayraktar; Australian High Commissioner – H.E. Mr. John Donnelly.


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