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The opening of the Manhattan clinic is a significant milestone for Nectar Life Sciences and we are looking forward to transforming allergy care, the #1 chronic condition for millions of Americans.”

— Renee Ballantyne, CEO of MedIndGroup

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, August 31, 2023/ — Media Contact
Renee Ballantyne

MedInd Group is pleased to announce the opening of Nectar’s flagship Allergy Clinic in Union Station, Gramercy Park section of New York City. This clinic is the first of many allergy clinics that Nectar plans to open around the country. Nectar Life Sciences is an allergy focused health tech company based in New York City. The company seeks to completely reinvent allergy care in the most innovative and comprehensive ways to treat allergies, asthma, and eczema for people of all ages. MedInd Group is particularly proud, because Nectar Life Sciences chose the company to lead the formation and implementation of their in-clinic operations.

MedInd Group, (MIG) located in Washington State, is a management services organization and clinical operations project management company with healthcare clients and operations in the United States and abroad. Founded in 2017, MIG provides a unique set of C-suite services to large and small physician practices, hospitals, multi-specialty clinics, product manufacturers and independent providers throughout the United States. MIG focuses on delivering data driven solutions with outstanding client services that drive revenue growth and enhance patient experiences.

The center’s offerings expand upon Nectar’s at-home allergy testing and treatment solutions, which launched in February to detect and treat up to 40 indoor and outdoor allergies, with test sales growing by 50% each month since then. Nectar is the first allergy care platform with a vertically-integrated business model that allows the company to maintain quality control throughout the entire patient journey. In addition to the new clinic, the integrated ecosystem includes a compounding pharmacy, CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited lab testing facility, and telehealth network of allergists.

Nectar’s proprietary offering, Nectar Allergy Drops, is an evidence-based, safe, and cost-effective treatment that provides lifelong relief from allergies by treating the root cause with sublingual immunotherapy drops that are administered under the tongue. Nectar’s team of seasoned healthcare executives and innovators developed a unique, patent-pending protocol using FDA-approved single allergens to create Allergy Drops that are customized to each patient and treat multiple allergies simultaneously. As a result, survey data shows a vast majority of patients report experiencing improvement in allergy symptoms within a few months of starting Nectar.

“The opening of the Manhattan clinic is a significant milestone for Nectar and the New York Medical Director, Akansha Ganju, MD. MedInd Group is honored to assist Nectar see their vision come to life. I want to thank the Nectar leadership team especially, Ben Oliger, Chief Operation Officer; Hersh Patel, Vice-President of New Business and especially Shawn Baxley, Head of Clinical Operation for their professionalism and partnership, throughout the clinic project.” said Renee Ballantyne, Chief Executive Officer of MedInd Group.

“As Chief Financial Officer of MedInd Group I have had the opportunity to look at many healthcare business models, and I applaud Nectar for their innovative approach to allergy care. I wish Nectar continued success as they move to disrupt the market while providing next level patient care” said Nathaniel M. Ballantyne, CFO of MedInd Group.

“The fact that Nectar Life Sciences chose our Company ( help them with the formation and implementation of this flagship clinic is a testament of our ability to deliver first class services designed to optimized patient’s experience and profitability” said Kristin Whittington, Chief Administrative Officer of MedIndgroup.

The Nectar allergy Clinic in Manhattan is now open, providing innovative patient care to New Yorkers from the five boroughs of New York City and beyond. MedInd Group is looking forward to assisting Nectar Life Sciences as they continue to open other allergy clinics around the country.

Renee Ballantyne
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