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Media Content Marketing: New Service from Digital Marketing Agency In Rowville

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More Sales From Media Exposure Banner

More Sales From Media Exposure Banner

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CEO of Zon Digital Services Eva Zonnios

Eastern Suburb of Melbourne; Zon Digital Services adds Media Content Marketing to their services.

This service has made it possible for small and medium-sized companies to take on the big guns – and win!”

— Eva Zonnios

ROWVILLE, VIC, AUSTRALIA, September 4, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Marketing agencies and media companies approach communicating their message from two different angles, but the result that they are after is the same in both cases, and that is to get their messages in front of as many people as possible.


In a strategic move, Zon Digital Services has harnessed this shared pursuit, forging a synergistic partnership with a distinguished media company. This collaboration empowers Zon Digital’s clients with an additional avenue for marketing exposure, giving them an added boost that propels them towards the coveted first page of Google search results.

Their new Media Content Marketing (MCM) program creates a profitable resource for their clients by utilising a process that is not only Google-friendly, but it is one of the essential key signals that Google uses to recognise the online authority and trustworthiness of a business.

Eva Zonnios, the CEO of Zon Digital Services, has recently been recognised as Online Marketing Specialist (Melbourne) 2023 by Acquisition International. This highly-respected award stems from her innovative and effective online marketing strategies.

Zon Digital Services’ latest integration of media resources into their extensive marketing options epitomises the distinctive competitive advantage that this agency consistently offers its clientele.

This strategy goes way beyond the usual SEO methodologies. In fact it is so effective that even big competitors who are comfortably established in prime positions on page one of Google can get knocked off their perch.

This provides local businesses with a real opportunity to compete against other local and high-end competitors using our MCM method.

The result is that they will show up on the first page of Google for ‘many’ different keywords terms for each individual piece of content. So this is not just talking about only one keyword getting ranked per post, but in method each post can show up for 8-15 various keyword options, not just one keyword phrase.

Because the company would have their own business name mentioned by branded and authoritative media companies, people reading the content are given the confidence that they are dealing with a reputable company and are more likely to make that move on the Call To Action.

In comparison to the cost of Google Ads, Zon Digital’s MCM program is beyond comparison because the value can be shown to be so much more, at such an affordable price. This service is literally at a fraction of the cost a large corporation would be paying their agency both in the cost of service, plus the added ‘thousands per month’ that they would normally pay as their Google ad spend.

“This service has made it possible for small and medium-size companies to take on the Big Guns – and win.” Says Eva.

The good news is that this means that local business owners can beat their biggest competition on Google page one positions, even using a budget that is substantially smaller than what their competition would be paying.

According to Eva, the way that the MCM method works is that the client would have exposure on page one of Google without paying for ads (ads being a short-term strategy). With Google ads, once the business owner stops paying, their business stops being seen. With MCM, once the post is up there, it can be found months later, sometimes for years. At the same time, the business owner would have paid far less than one month of ad spend if they were to compare that with the cost of Google or Facebook Ads.

On the success rate of these media content pieces getting ranked, Eva explained that this method is not guaranteed to hit the first page for every piece of content, everytime. But she goes on to say, “You can’t preempt Google. No one can”.

Even so, the fact that there is a strategy behind this process means that it is a repeatable process which generally means that one can expect repeatable results. And that’s something they do count on at Zon Digital.

To add to that, Eva and her team work in such a strategic way that they ‘expect’ the article to get ‘several page one positions’, not just one, creating a dynamic growth for the businesses that they work with.

The ultimate goal of an MCM campaign is not about hitting the top of Google, it is about growing the business and creating more sales. That’s why it is so important to turn up in front of the buyer’s audience.

These rankings are different because they don’t come from the business’ own website or their own social media. In this case the rankings are coming from external online media publications with the business mentioned in those publications.

More exposure to a highly targeted audience:
Due to the structure of the post the people reading the post are more likely to be in the ideal customer range, improving click-throughs and leading to more sales.

The MCM Method Generates More Buyers Going Through Websites:
MCM generates strong and unshakeable page one rankings that drive tons of targeted traffic to the company’s website.

This strategy takes everything works into consideration and has everything interconnecting with each piece boosting the next. We are shown how, as the content grows, so does the number of page one clicks from a defined audience.

In relation to the time that it takes to see results, we are told that this whole process is a long-term strategy. It’s like a snowball and compounds and creates more energy as more and more pages are ranked.

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