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Make fun vertical videos fast and easy with Little Film Director

Little Film Director

Use generative AI to create better videos faster

MAZATLAN, SINALOA, MEXICO, May 15, 2023/ — Independent development studio EnsenaSoft is releasing Little Film Director, a fun vertical video creation tool, on iPhone and iPad today.

Little Film Director is a video creation tool that gives users the ability to produce avatar-based vertical videos that are engaging and fun, regardless of whether they are interested in making meme videos, short-form clips, or full-length movies.

It produces 9:16 vertical videos and you can upload them to your favorite social media sites, including Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube, and Snapchat.

The tool provides a character designer for creating cartoon-style characters or more realistic avatars using Ready Player Me. Additionally, the software has pre-designed stages available and allows users to generate their own stages with the help of generative AI.

“We have already published two channels with videos made with Little Film Director: THINGS FISHY | Studios Sinaloa and JAVA JOYRIDE | Studios Sinaloa”, says Samuel Denhartog, CEO at EnsenaSoft.

While you can create great movies with Little Film Director without using any AI features, we have integrated generative AI at various points that can help you create better movies faster. You can use generative AI to create avatars, select AI-generated voices, create backgrounds, and even write dialogues for cast members.

• The ability to create avatar-based vertical videos.
• Selecting from built-in stages.
• Directing your film and adding AI-generated voices for characters.
• Integrated generative AI at various points that can help create better movies faster.
• Creating avatars using your photo if desired
• Generate backgrounds based on text input using DALL-E.
• Generate dialogues for cast members using Open AI Chat-GPT text generator.

About EnsenaSoft
EnsenaSoft is an award-winning game developer and publisher founded in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico, in 2009, and consists of a talented group of designers, artists, programmers (and musicians from around the world) all committed to creating high-quality digital games content across all major gaming platforms and technologies. With a portfolio spanning hundreds of released titles, it is our continued promise to produce entertaining digital games for audiences of all ages and gaming preferences.

EnsenaSoft now focuses on content creation through our new Studios Sinaloa division and our new vertical video creation tool, Little Film Director.

Samuel DenHartog
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Little Film Director – Introduction

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