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LOOKBEYOND23: The First Virtual MagicINFO & VXT Event by ScreenCom

LOOKBEYOND23 First Virtual MagicINFO & VXT Digital Signage Event by ScreenCom

LOOKBEYOND23 will spotlight Samsung’s digital signage products and provide expert-led sessions, fostering growth and innovation in the digital signage industry.

LOOKBEYOND23 is offering a platform for MagicINFO and VXT enthusiasts and professionals to share, inspire, and grow in the vibrant digital signage landscape.”

— Bastiaan Amsing, co-founder and CEO of ScreenCom

GRONINGEN, NETHERLANDS, June 27, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — ScreenCom, the leading provider of data-driven digital signage solutions, is thrilled to announce the launch of its inaugural virtual event, LOOKBEYOND23. This online conference will revolve around Samsung’s cutting-edge digital signage products, with a primary focus on MagicINFO and VXT. LOOKBEYOND23 presents an incredible opportunity for MagicINFO and VXT enthusiasts, professionals, and business partners to gather virtually, collaborate, and explore the latest trends and innovations in the dynamic digital signage landscape.

About LOOKBEYOND23 – The First Virtual MagicINFO & VXT Event by ScreenCom

The idea behind LOOKBEYOND23 is to create a space for MagicINFO and VXT pros and data-driven signage enthusiasts who are always looking forward to expanding their knowledge about Samsung digital signage solutions.

During the online digital signage workshop, attendees will have access to digital signage lectures led by top MagicINFO and VXT pros, how-to training sessions with seasoned experts, panel discussions with industry thought leaders, and much more!

With a diverse range of topics and interactive sessions, this event promises to provide invaluable insights, inspiration, and growth opportunities for all attendees. Here’re the themes that LOOKBEYOND23 will cover:
– Monetize your digital signage investment
– Digital signage and security
– Digital signage content creation
– Digital signage and technologies
– Digital signage and innovation
– Digital signage and sustainability


LOOKBEYOND23 is a virtual MagicINFO and VXT conference that is suitable for digital signage enthusiasts with any level of experience and understanding of the platforms. Whether you have decades of experience under your belt or are just starting with digital signage, LOOKBEYOND23 has something for everyone!

This is not just another virtual event; it’s designed to empower MagicINFO and VXT users and foster meaningful connections within the digital signage community. Here are some more reasons to attend the first virtual MagicINFO & VXT event on 1st Nov 2023:
– Learn from industry leaders
– Global networking platform
– Inspiring success stories
– Tailored for MagicINFO and VXT users
– Deep dive into data-driven digital signage

1. Learn from Industry Leaders: LOOKBEYOND23 has a lineup of industry leaders who will share innovative strategies, practical tips and tricks, and best practices in the digital signage industry. Their expertise and knowledge will inspire participants to elevate their digital signage game and stay ahead of the curve.

2. Global Networking Platform: This virtual event serves as a global networking hub, where professionals from diverse backgrounds can connect, exchange ideas, and forge valuable partnerships. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage with like-minded individuals, industry experts, and potential collaborators, fostering meaningful relationships that can lead to future opportunities.

3. Inspiring Success Stories: LOOKBEYOND23 will feature real-life success stories from happy customers who have achieved remarkable results through the implementation of MagicINFO and VXT solutions. These inspiring case studies will highlight the immense potential and transformative impact of digital signage, offering participants practical insights and motivation to enhance their own projects.

4. Tailored for MagicINFO and VXT Users: The event will dive deep into various topics relevant to attendees’ digital signage journey, including digital signage and sustainability, monetizing digital signage, digital signage content strategy, digital signage technologies, and innovation in digital signage. By attending, participants will gain in-depth knowledge, discover new possibilities, and acquire valuable skills to leverage the full potential of MagicINFO and VXT.

5. Deep dive into data-driven digital signage:
At LOOKBEYOND23, we’ll also give a glimpse of the future, together. Leading industry experts will talk about how to connect data and sensors via external applications to digital signage networks of any size. Even decision-making via AI is an interesting tool to discover.

Save the Date and Visit LOOKBEYOND23!

To take advantage of this exceptional opportunity, mark your calendars for the LOOKBEYOND23 virtual event. Expand your horizons, gain invaluable insights, and connect with experts and peers in the digital signage industry. To learn more about LOOKBEYOND23, visit lookbeyond.online.

About ScreenCom (https://www.screencom.eu/)

ScreenCom stands as a leading IT company, developing and marketing cutting-edge digital signage software predominantly in the EMEA region. We take pride in our strong association with Samsung VD as a direct partner in EMEA, with over 75% of our software sales consisting of Samsung solutions. In addition, our product range focuses on data-driven software solutions.

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