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Lincoln Green Solicitors Recovers Money from Foreign Bank Scams

Lincoln Green Solicitors

MILTON KEYNES, ENGLAND, October 6, 2023 / — Lincoln Green Solicitors is pleased to announce that they can help individuals recover monies lost through foreign bank scams involving cryptocurrency. These scams are often promoted by accounts that have joined Facebook groups, usually groups where individuals have lost money to high-risk investments and are looking to recover their finances.

Scammers in these groups send private messages to members claiming to have an alternative means to recover their funds through fake recovery businesses overseas, often in the United States. They invite individuals to contact the business. When contacting the fake recovery business, they will be notified that the company has identified hidden assets and can freeze them to recover their lost monies from the financial institution. However, victims must open a foreign bank account to receive their funds. The scammers use fake documents to show the victim the money they have recovered but request money for capital gains taxes, escrow fees, and more to withdraw the funds.

While these scams often seem evident from the outside, many individuals fall victim each year. Lincoln Green Solicitors aims to help individuals recover their money from these crypto scams and many others, providing essential support and legal services to help victims restore financial stability.

Anyone interested in learning about these foreign bank scams and how hiring experienced solicitors can help recover funds can find out more by visiting the Lincoln Green Solicitors website or calling 0300 303 3819.

About Lincoln Green Solicitors: Lincoln Green Solicitors is a trusted legal firm providing representation in legal matters, ensuring high ethical standards. They work with clients to recover monies lost due to scams, including crypto, solar panels, timeshares, and more. Their experienced team works with integrity and honesty, giving clients confidence in their cases. Clients pay no fees unless Lincoln Green wins their cases.

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