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‘Lending voice to Global South,’ PM Modi highlights core philosophy of India-US efforts

PM Modi said that India is working toward lending a voice to the Global South in the International arena. At the joint press conference with US President Joe Biden, the Prime Minister highlighted that the Global South has suffered significantly during the COVID-19 pandemic and the Ukraine conflict. He also mentioned that Biden has accepted his proposal to give the African Union full membership at the G20 summit. 

“The COVID pandemic and the Ukraine conflict have affected the countries of the Global South in particular. We believe in order to solve these problems, it is absolutely imperative for all countries to unite,” Modi said during his remarks at the joint press briefing. Under India’s G20 presidency, we are laying emphasis on the spirit of one earth, one family, and one future. We are lending a voice to the priorities of the Global South. I thank President Biden that he has accepted my proposal for giving the African Union full membership in the G20,” he added. PM Modi then went on to state how both sides are taking “collective efforts” to strengthen democracy all around the world. 

‘We can contribute to global peace’: PM Modi

In his address, Prime Minister Modi mentioned how both countries share a core philosophy of strengthening democracy not just in India and the US but also around the world. “The core philosophy of all of our collective efforts is to strengthen democracy, democratic values and democratic order. Two of the world’s largest democracies, India and America can together make a contribution to global peace stability and prosperity,” PM Modi asserted. He also touched upon the ongoing Russia-Ukriane war. “From the very beginning of the events in Ukraine, India has laid emphasis on the resolution of disputes, dialogue and diplomacy. We are completely ready to contribute in any way we can to restore peace,” he concluded. 

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