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Le soutien à la démocratie demeure fort en Afrique, mais les « démocrates insatisfaits » qui peuvent garantir son futur sont peu

Most Africans still want democracy, but fewer than one in six qualify as “dissatisfied democrats” who will protect against authoritarian backsliding, a new Afrobarometer study reveals.

In the second of its Pan-Africa Profiles based on recent public-opinion surveys in 34 countries, Afrobarometer reports that contrary to fears of a democratic recession, large majorities of Africans continue to support democracy and reject authoritarian alternatives. But fewer Africans are getting the democracy they demand, the analysis shows, and even fewer – just 15% – are insistent enough on better democracy to form a bulwark against authoritarian encroachment.

The new report, available at, provide in-depth analysis tracking popular demand for democracy and perceived supply of democracy over time, identifying attitudes and trends that vary widely by country and demographic group.