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Kagoro awarded a Professorship by a UK university

kagoro awarded a professorship by a uk university
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Brian Kagoro has been awarded a Professorship by a UK university.

In a press release, SOAS University of London announced its second cohort of practice-based associates who will bring their practical knowledge and professional expertise from across politics, development, the arts, economics, climate policy and activism to contribute to the mission of SOAS.

Kagoro was among the associates.

Kagoro will also be hosted as a Professor of Practice at the School of Law. Kagoro is the Programme Support Division Director of the Africa Regional Office (AfRO) of the Open Society Foundation (OSF). Prior to that he was Founder and Executive Director of UHAI Africa Group, a governance and development consulting firm with operations in Johannesburg, Harare, and Nairobi. Brian is a Pan Africanist and a constitutional and economic relations lawyer.
On his Twitter handle, Kagoro tried to clarify that he was not a professor. Said Kagoro, “So that we don’t mislead the people,  I am not “a Professor” ..that takes years of publications and expertise. I am the equivalent of a lay preacher with neither ordination nor training.  Just views from experience.”

“Counsel, calling a lay person like me Professor would be fraudulent misrepresentation. As you know – unlike my parents- I don’t even qualify to be a teacher of anything or anyone . I’ve seen folks called by titles they don’t & will never deserve. Call me Comrade.”

Kagoro has over 15 years of experience working at national, regional and international levels in various management roles for different organizations, including law firms, National national civil society organizations, coalitions, international NGOs and the United Nations.

He has experience in policy research and advocacy in governance, human rights, and transitional justice and development issues in highly reputed national and international organizations. He has managed multi-cultural teams of experts working in the field of policy, human rights, human security, social justice, development and governance. He has worked closely with Regional Economic Communities, African Union, and NEPAD/APRM as well as United Nations agencies on policy issues, capacity development, economic governance, and CSO participation processes.

Kagoro has served on several boards of companies and regional organizations including the Centre for Citizen Participation in the African Union, the NEPAD Capacity Building Initiative Steering Committee, and the International Human Rights Monitor in Liberia.

Some of his published work include: Civil Society Participation in NEPAD (2008), Chaos and Transition in Zimbabwe (2007), Constitution-Making as Social Movement (2004), Prisoners of Hope: The Opposition and Civil Society in Zimbabwe (2004), The Opposition and Civil Society in Zimbabwe’s Turmoil (2003), Reaping Apples from a Thorn Tree (2002).

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