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Jy’Quan Stewart next memoir called “A Black Boy Misunderstood”

Jy’Quan as a youth.

Story of Jy’Quan Arnay Stewart

RENSSELAER, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, May 18, 2023/ — Jy’Quan’s next memoir is about a black boy who has been misunderstood by everyone all his life. Jy’Quan Arnay Stewart, born on July 1, 2001, and raised in Rensselaer, New York. Jy’Quan is a conservative African American male who has been misunderstood, falsely accused and faced medical malpractice as well for most of his life and experienced overwhelming racism and discrimination that started in childhood when he was attending school. There he has been falsely accused in a paintball gun incident for a crime he did not commit. Even though police and psychologists were involved, they were of not much help and led to Jy’Quan being put on the wrong medication with a false diagnosis. He also witnessed a man getting shot to death in Albany, New York park. People even thought of him being mentally retarded when in reality Jy’Quan was just autistic and had social anxiety. This injustice towards him for being just a different race has impacted him so much. When Jy’Quan was young he was always destined to make history.

This would be Jy’Quan’s second book. Jy’Quan is a published author with his first book called “The Memorial of Catherine Stewart ”. Jy’Quan wants to write memoirs and biography of the unsung people who have influenced his life.

Jy’Quan is currently raising funds for his next memoir Jy’Quan Stewart’s story of growing up in home town Rensselaer, New York and how it traumatized him being in the public school system. Jy’Quan Stewart was not a very popular kid growing up he was always known as the “the weird one”. Jy’Quan believe he went through everything in his life for a purpose everything happen just the way it was supposed to. The only influence Jy’Quan Arnay Stewart had when he was little was his grandmother Catherine Stewart. Jy’Quan looked up to and respected t his grandmother because she was from a southern old-fashioned background. Jy’Quan is his grandmother’s forerunner. It’s Jy’Quan’s responsibility to carry on the African American heritage that his grandmother left him. Jy’Quan believes that life is a marathon and a race to run. Jy’Quan would like to help Young Men no matter their race because Jy’Quan does not look at color. Jy’Quan has compassion for young men that had a hard time growing up.

Please support Jy’Quan with raising funds for his next book. Funds will go to pay off all productions, marketing and distribution costs of the book. Jy’Quan Stewart is an independent self-published author with the Xulon Press. Looking to do this as a full-time career. Thank You!!!!

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