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Julia Faller, CEO and Founder of Benedetta Skin Care, Goes In-depth About Her Beauty Line in Exclusive Interview

Julia Faller

Speaking with Becca Hensley with Insider’s Guide to SPAS, Julia Faller answers some of the most frequently asked questions and myths about her products.

LOS ANGELES, UNITED STATES, May 19, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Julia Faller, CEO and Founder of Benedetta Skin Care, spoke with Becca Hensley with Insider’s Guide to SPAS about her skincare line and what it means to be a “pioneer” in the plant-based beauty industry. Since 1996, Faller has been helping individuals achieve their dream of healthy skin without harsh ingredients such as petrochemicals. In her interview with Hensley, the entrepreneur delves into the reasoning behind creating her products and why Benedetta stands out from other skincare lines.

“I wanted to provide a better, more functional system of care that addressed the skin’s systemic health and behavior, void of harmful ingredients,” explained Faller in her exclusive interview.

Besides being a master esthetician, Hensley says Faller is certified in medical aromatherapy, Biofield Tuning, and Jin Shin and has studied and is well-versed in botanical chemistry, homeopathy, quantum physics, and nutrition. Combining all of her skills, Benedetta was created. Faller confesses that creating a skincare line free of harmful chemicals was an uphill battle. “I created Benedetta out of nothing. No labs gave me support. Chemist friends said I was wasting my time unless I used a plasticide to bind everything together, along with numerous other toxic chemical stabilizers, emulsifiers, and preservatives–to name a few. I was alone with my convictions.”

When Hensley asks about sourcing the ingredients for her products, Faller explains the importance of good growth procedures and processes that can boost the plant’s efficacy and nutritional profile. “Taking my time to formulate and understand this became a puzzle I was determined to figure out, and moreover, change,” states Faller.

In addition to detailing her journey to finding the right ingredients that were sourced correctly, Faller discusses her product’s uniqueness, functionality, effectiveness, and more in the article. She also describes the different products she offers and why she offers them to her clients. For example, the Best Deodorant, created in 2000, was formulated out of need and not another fad. Fallers says she made her antiperspirant after being unable to find a natural deodorant. “I truly do create products out of necessity, each having a unique story behind them. Most create products out of trends and what is selling. I never do that,” Faller informs.

“Benedetta is a catalyst to improving your skin’s best health, immunity, and overall behavior,” Faller adds.

To read the entire article in the Insider’s Guide to SPAS, click here: https://www.insidersguidetospas.com/features/benedetta-pioneering-plant-based-beauty/

To learn more about Julia Faller and Benedetta Skin Care line, click here: https://benedetta.com/

Want to shop in-store, visit one of her two locations at 1 Ferry Building Plaza #39, San Francisco, CA 94111, or 18 Petaluma BLVD, N. Petaluma, CA 94952.

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