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Jesse Daniels, a Business Star plans to acquire the Polo Grounds Projects in Harlem through Opportunity Zones

Jesse Daniels, Bervann Capital snatches NYC #1 spot, after a Terrific Investment Gala at the Met Club

Jesse Daniels is a well-known businessman who has started a number of successful businesses.


— Daniels, Jesse A

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, June 28, 2023/ — Jesse Daniels, a New York-based Business Star, has announced plans to acquire the Polo Grounds Projects in Harlem through the use of Opportunity Zones. The Polo Grounds Projects are a group of public housing developments that were built in the late 1940s and early 1950s. They are located in an Opportunity Zone, which is an economically distressed community that is in need of investment and revitalization.

Daniels plans to raise millions of dollars in capital through his own Opportunity Zone Fund or an existing Fund for the Polo Grounds Projects. The money will be used to renovate the existing buildings and construct new ones. The project is expected to create 1,000 new jobs, and Daniels is hopeful that it will spur economic growth in the surrounding community.

This is not the first time Daniels has been involved in Multi-Trillion Dollar Real Estate dealing, investing in an Opportunity Zone or creating a fund is his latest venture. Since 2019 he’s connected wealth management companies and real estate developers together in hopes to collaborate new and innovative ideas that would change over a billion lives in a positive way.

Keith Axelrod, Senior Managing Director of The United Group Companies, has praised business mogul Jesse for his hard work and dedication to creating billion-dollar meetings, high level sporting events and real estate.

Axelrod said, “I’ve known Jesse for well over ten years. He was a classmate of my son in high school and played Varsity Basketball with him. Since graduating high school and college, I have watched Jesse achieve some pretty impressive things. His involvement with Dr. Oz was one; his involvement with major NBA Basketball stars through basketball programs at Sky was another. The making of a movie about Jesse and becoming a master influencer on social media and making connections with businesspeople at all levels has been fun to watch. He set up several key meetings for my company as well. In addition, Jesse introduced me to major players in the financial field like Morgan Stanley and others. I think Jesse could prove to be a valuable asset to any company.”

In 2019, Daniels partnered with Bervann Sport and co-hosted a gala at the Metropolitan Club in New York with $5 trillion Assets Under Management (AUM) in attendance. Val Nzhie, CEO of Bervann, said, “Big shout out our colleagues from the sport division and thank you to our friends at Morgan Stanley for referring Jesse to us. The sport wing of Bervann Capital partners with athletes and helps them manage their career, while exposing them to all Bervann Capital has to offer on the investment side – it’s a tremendous upside as Bervann Sports encourages its protégés to bet on their talents, but also build or invest in entrepreneurial ventures that give them an overall edge and separate them from just being athletes.”

After moving on from Bervann, a well-seasoned Jesse temporarily became a CEO & now a Partner of Creatives Rebuild New York. Creatives Rebuild New York is $125 Million Dollar Initiative who paid Jesse $18k to partner and participate in the program. Jesse has used this opportunity in many ways including brings his opportunity zone vision to life.

Daniels is one of many businessmen who are taking advantage of Opportunity Zones
The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 created Opportunity Zones in order to spur economic growth and create jobs by incentivizing investment in these regions. There are over 8,700 Opportunity Zones located in all 50 states, and developers are expected to invest billions of dollars in these communities in the coming years.

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Senior Managing Director of The United Group Companies, Keith Axelrod:
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Dr. Mehmet Oz and Daniel Puder:
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Short documentary about the story of Jesse Daniels, professional basketball player born in The Polo Grounds Towers in Harlem, NYC.

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