Introducing MyNARA: The Ground-breaking App Empowering Individuals on the Path to Narcissistic Abuse Recovery

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MyNARA is a safe, professionally guided recovery app that helps victims of narcissistic abuse with practical tools and expert support

I know first-hand the pain of narcissistic abuse. I wanted to create a place where fellow survivors could find solace and strength on their journey to recovery.”

— Emma Davey, Award-winning specialist counsellor in narcissistic abuse

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, October 3, 2023 / — Narcissistic abuse is estimated to affect over 158 million people in the US alone, with 1 in every 3 women and 1 in every 6 men being impacted. Yet due in part to a lack of awareness, victims often have trouble finding effective support. MyNARA (My Narcissistic Abuse Recovery App), a new ground-breaking recovery app designed to help individuals suffering from narcissistic abuse (domestic abuse), offers hope and empowerment.

Developed by an experienced award-winning specialist trauma counselor and survivor of narcissistic abuse, the MyNARA app enables victims and survivors to reclaim their lives with practical guidance and tools, and the assurance that they are not alone in their journey. The MyNARA app is a safe, private space where users learn how to escape and recover from narcissistic abuse, and how to avoid narcissistic personalities in the future. As financial control is a common feature of abuse, friends and families can pay for extended features on behalf of the victim; employers or charitable organizations can also buy access for multiple victims.

Emma Davey, founder of MyNARA, shares her motivation behind the app’s creation: “I know first-hand the pain of narcissistic abuse. I wanted to create a place where fellow survivors could find solace and strength on their journey to recovery. MyNARA is a lifeline for those seeking support, guidance, and ultimately, the path to reclaiming their lives.”

bigspark, an award-winning technology consultancy, developed the App with Emma, and their co-founder became part of the MyNARA management team. Director, Shaine Ismail, explained why they got involved: “Once you get chatting to people, almost everyone knows someone who has been a victim, it’s horrifying. Emma’s ideas for the App excited the entire team, we could see that it solved so many of the problems that victims experience.”

MyNARA’S Recovery Toolkit is available for free to all subscribers, with generous data storage. With a paid subscription you gain access to the entire NarcArmour™ 12-phase recovery program, an evidence-based, therapeutic approach to narcissistic abuse recovery and more cloud data storage. The NarcArmour™ program is loaded with instructional material, videos and tools, so you never feel stuck or alone.

Key Features of the MyNARA App:
● Safe Haven: MyNARA is a confidential and secure platform for survivors to store evidence of the abuse. All data (e.g. Audio and video recordings, text messages and photos) entered in MyNARA is encrypted both in transit and at rest with 256-bit encryption or higher. It also adheres to the procedures mandated by GDPR and HIPAA for the anonymization and transmission of users’ data. The App is cloaked, so abusers will not see it on the phone.
● On Demand: On-demand therapy is expensive and not available around the clock. But narcissistic abuse does not take time off.
● Expert Guidance: MyNARA offers guidance from a qualified specialist counselor to help users navigate their healing journey.
● Comprehensive Resources: MyNARA offers a range of resources designed to foster growth and resilience, including informative articles, therapeutic exercises, and coping strategies.
● Progress Tracking: MyNARA enables users to track their progress, witness their personal growth over time, and celebrate the steps taken towards freedom.

MyNARA has been trialed in the UK since June 2023, and more than 1,000 subscribers are already actively using the app. It has had 100% positive feedback, with users calling it a ‘lifesaver’.

Join the movement towards empowerment and healing. Download MyNARA today (available in both the App Store and in Play Store) and embark on your journey towards narcissistic abuse recovery.

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