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India News | Consensus on New Delhi Declaration Made Global Headlines: PM Modi at G20 University Connect Finale

New Delhi [India], September 26 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said that the consensus on the Delhi declaration made global headlines adding that some decisions at G20 have the potential to change the 21st century’s direction. 

“The unanimous consent to our New Delhi Declaration continues to be the international headline. During this time, India led several of the important initiatives and decisions. Some decisions made during the G20 have the capability to change the direction of the 21st century. On India’s initiative, the African Union became a permanent member of the G20,” PM Modi said at the G20 University Connect Finale. 

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He further said that in the last 30 days, India’s diplomacy has reached new heights.

“Before G20, the BRICS Summit was held in South Africa. With India’s efforts, six new countries were included in the BRICS community. You have chosen me to do all the good deeds,” the PM added. 

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He further said that “Right before the G20 Summit, I had a meeting with several world leaders in Indonesia. After that, in G20 big decisions were taken for the world.”

“Bringing so many countries together on one platform amid today’s polarised international atmosphere is not a small thing,” he added. 

Emphasizing on the youth’s progress, PM Modi said “The youth can only progress at a place where there is optimism, opportunities and openness.”

On September 9, the Delhi Declaration was adopted. It called on nations to uphold international law, including territorial integrity, international humanitarian law and the multilateral system that safeguards peace and stability.

The declaration envisages a green development pact for a sustainable future, it endorses high-level principles on lifestyle for sustainable development, voluntary principles of hydrogen, the Chennai principles for a sustainable resilient blue economy and the Deccan principles on food security and nutrition among others

The biggest takeaway of the declaration was that all 83 paragraphs of the declaration were passed unanimously with a 100 per cent consensus along with China and Russia in agreement. For the first time, the declaration contained no footnote or Chair’s Summary. (ANI)

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