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India emphasising on issues vital to Global South Nations: UN envoy Ruchira Kamboj at UNGA

Days after India successfully hosted the high-level G20 Summit in New Delhi, India’s permanent representative to the United Nations, Ruchira Kamboj, at the 78th UN General Assembly said that India will continue to emphasise issues that are vital to the Global South countries as the current President of the G20. 

The high-level 78th session of the United Nations General Assembly began on Monday as Heads of State and several world leaders arrived at the UN headquarters in New York. 

Speaking at the high-level session, Kamboj said, “…As the current president of the G20, India will continue to emphasize issues that are vital to the Global South countries, including climate action, finance and sustainable development goals.” 

Talking about India’s efforts towards the inclusion of the African Union in the Group of 20, the Indian envoy said, “We proudly opened the doors for the African Union to join the G20, recognising the importance of global collaboration to address contemporary challenges…”

“In matters of human rights and social issues, India champions health, universal health coverage and the prevention of pandemics. We stand firmly for women’s rights, constructive human rights dialogues and an inter-cultural dialogue for peace,” she added. 

Further stressing on the need for global counter-terrorism efforts, Kamboj said, “We need to address the misuse of technology by terrorists and advocate for a comprehensive convention on international terrorism.”

UN Secretary-General praises India’s G20 Presidency

Days after attending the G20 Summit in the national capital, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres praised India’s G20 Presidency and underlined that New Delhi did its best to have the voice of the Global South. He further stated that the country also represented and put the development agenda at the Centre of discussion during its year-long leadership of the grouping.

“I’d like to say and I believe I should pay tribute to the Indian presidency. The Indian presidency did its best in order to have the South’s voice represented and did its best to put the development agenda in the centre of the discussions of the G20,” Guterres was quoted as saying by news agency PTI. 

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