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Incognito App Protects Mobile Phone Users From Behaviour Monitoring Spyware Privacy Breaches

CAMBRIDGESHIRE, UK, September 11, 2023/ — A spyware tracking company, Incognito Security Solutions, is reporting that for less than £100 it is possible for anyone to buy commercially available behaviour monitoring ‘spyware’ and install it on a mobile phone or tablet in seconds.

Once installed, the spyware makes the entire contents of a device available to criminals, or people with an interest in monitoring the victim’s movements or business rivals wanting to hurt a competitor’s commercial activities.

Access to a mobile device like a phone or tablet can be made from anywhere in the world. According to Incognito victims are unlikely to know they have been targeted until it becomes obvious like a bank account being emptied, or intimate photographs or videos are posted on the Internet, or an important business contact unexpectedly goes quiet.

Mobile devices are open to attack from individuals and organisations employing spyware to monitor, control, and harm victims. Once installed, the spyware will not only give access to the contents of a device, but it can turn on the microphone and camera so that everything a victim does or says can be seen and heard without them knowing it.

“Most of us are careless about unlocking our phones in public as we mistakenly believe that a phone has to be stolen before its contents can be accessed. And it certainly isn’t unusual for our partners to know our passcodes,” says Stephen McCormack, Head of Privacy Care at Incognito Security Solutions, which has developed an app that continually monitors for, detects, and removes spyware from mobile devices.

Examples of the levels of infiltration that are easily available to spyware are: listening to incoming and outgoing calls, as they actually happen. Spyware can track where a person is in real time and, where they have been. Spyware gives access to call-logs, and the victim’s Internet browsing history becomes available, as do text and WhatsApp messages.

Microphones and cameras can be activated remotely, and all saved pictures and videos can be easily viewed and made use of, opening-up the very real possibility of more instances of ‘revenge porn,’ for example.

“The consequences can be devastating for both individuals and businesses where confidentiality is essential. Imagine the impact if a business competitor could listen to conversations and read emails.

“Privacy in our digital lives is vital as more and more of us allow our mobile devices to access every aspect of our daily activities from paying bills to browsing the Internet and we all have a major role to play in protecting and defending our privacy from those who would harm us,” concludes Stephen.


September 11th 2023

For media enquiries, please contact: Steve Greenhalgh, Real Public Relations on 07779 129 193 or email:


Headquartered in Dublin and with development offices in France and Brazil, Incognito is trusted by over 10 million users worldwide to track spyware on their mobile devices. Alongside tracking and eliminating spyware and malware, the company specialises in tracking commercially available spyware that aims to monitor our behaviour, not simply disrupt our systems.

Steve Greenhalgh
Real Public Relations
+44 7779 129193

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