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Igboho in pains, cries in detention – Lawyer

A group, Democracy Vanguard of Nigeria in Diaspora (DVND) has written a letter to the United States of America through its Nigerian Ambassador Mary Beth Leonard, demanding a visa ban on all the senators who voted against the electronic transmission of election results in Nigeria.

The group in a statement issued Tuesday by its President, Timothy Sule, described the action as shameful, disdainful, and completely reprehensible, saying it smacks of a clear contempt for the Nigerian People.

It, therefore, called on President Muhammadu Buhari to withhold assent on any Electoral Act bill that failed to incorporate electronic voting, order of elections to start with Governorship and State Assemblies and then Presidential and National Assemblies.

It stated: “We call on the United States, the United Kingdom, the European Union, Canada, African Union and all ally countries to take urgent actions to nip this brewing conflagration in the bud before it consumes the nation and creates a massive refugee crisis in the world.

“In the meantime, we have attached names of all those legislators who played one role or the other in the suppression and undermining democracy in Nigeria for a visa ban. Their family members shall not be spared of the impending visa ban as well.

“This noble intention was vehemently and vigorously challenged by some legislators from a particular zone and political party. These unpatriotic elements eventually succeeded in throwing out such a noble intention into the abyss.”

The group therefore commended a few progressive opposition legislators in the Senate and the House of Representatives led by Senator Ehinanya Abaribe and Ndidi Elumelu respectively who stood for Nigeria when the occasion demanded.

It noted that those who exempted themselves from the chambers without a valid reason are equally reprimanded and condemned, adding that while those who were conspicuously absent are no better than those who shot the amendment down with their selfish and insensitive agenda.

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