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Heritage and History Pave a Path for the Future as Axiom Space® and Fisher Pen Company® Confirm New Partnership

Fisher Pen Company and Axiom Space® are pleased to announce a new partnership for innovation and exploration.

BOULDER CITY, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, May 16, 2023/ — Space missions require a wide range of resources and supplies to be successful, and Fisher Pen Company® is one such essential item. For over half a century, the company has partnered with visionaries and pioneers in the spirit of exploration. Continuing in that legacy, Fisher Pen Company and Axiom Space® are pleased to announce a new partnership for innovation and exploration.

The Founder of Fisher Pen Company, Paul C. Fisher, invented the Sealed and Pressurized Fisher Space Pen Ink Cartridge and created the AG7, the Original Astronaut Space Pen that NASA chose for the Apollo 7 Space Mission. Ever since the AG7’s debut on Apollo 7 in 1968, Fisher Space Pen products have been utilized on every crewed mission conducted by NASA and continue to expand their horizon as the ultimate writing instrument for astronauts.

Axiom Space is a pioneer in privately funded space exploration and infrastructure development. Recognizing the exciting possibilities in human exploration and utilization of space, the company aims to launch the first commercial international space station platform in late 2025. Under the leadership of co-founder and President/CEO Michael Suffredini and co-founder and Executive Chairman Dr. Kam Ghaffarian, Axiom Space is working tirelessly to support research and facilitate new opportunities such as in-space manufacturing.

The partnership between Fisher Pen Company and Axiom Space connects the past, the present, and the future of space expeditions with the shared vision for the future space expedition and the unending pursuit of technological advancement. As Axiom Space’s construction of the Low Earth Orbit platform is in progress, Fisher Space Pen looks forward to creating the next generation of the Original Astronaut Space Pen to enhance the research and activities on the station. With Axiom Space and Fisher Space Pen working together, the future of space exploration is bright, and so is in-space documenting!

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