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Groundbreaking Commercial Interior Design Firm in Las Vegas Helps Clients Build Thriving Brands

Heather Allen Design Group is helping clients connect with their customers through brand-aligned interiors that welcome visitors and strengthen brands.

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, USA, June 15, 2023/ — Heather Allen Design Group (HADG) is creating stunning commercial interiors that align directly with a brand’s ethos, strengthen the connection with customers, and entice visitors to explore and engage. As a leading commercial interior design firm in Las Vegas, HADG is committed to fusing cutting-edge design techniques with proven brand-building methodology and best-of-breed fabrication knowledge. The result? Stunning commercial interiors and one-of-a-kind spaces.

Overcoming the Brand Alignment Challenge

“Aligning a commercial interior with a brand’s personality and ethos, as well as customer expectations, has never been simple,” explained Heather Campbell, the founder of the company. “We help our clients overcome that challenge and create spaces their customers love and that reflect what they expect to experience when connecting with the brand. That strengthens emotional bonds, boosts brand advocacy, and maximizes retention.”

A full 90% of consumers expect to have a similar experience with a brand across all channels, including within stores. Additionally, with consistent presentation, brand visibility increases by 3.5 times, driving a revenue increase of up to 23%.

Leveraging Design and Fabrication Knowledge

Commercial design in Las Vegas hinges on multiple factors, including:

Consumer brand perception
Brand personality, ethos, and established collateral (logo, color palette, etc.)
Location within the Las Vegas area
Position within the brand’s industry

HADG’s team leverages decades of experience plus design and fabrication knowledge to create customized commercial spaces from beginning to end. The process begins with an initial meeting during which the team learns about the brand and proposed project, and then progresses through market, client, product, industry, and site research, as well as concept design, presentation, and file production. Each project comes complete with custom artwork, fixtures, and even construction materials.

Commercial Interior Design in Las Vegas for Any Industry

Heather Allen Design Group is proud of its history as an award-winning commercial interior design firm in Las Vegas and works with clients across all industries. This includes:

Retail stores
Tattoo shops
And more

Beyond Commercial Design Services for Las Vegas Clients

In addition to the company’s award-winning commercial interior design services, HADG offers additional solutions to help clients stand out within their industries and connect with customers. The experienced design team can also offer custom display fabrication, visual merchandising services, custom kiosk design, and franchise concept design.

“Our goal is simple: to help each client maximize their commercial space and grow their sales. To achieve those goals, we work closely with each client’s architects and contractors to create brand-aligned designs and solutions to drive not just sales, but customer retention,” Campbell explained.

To learn more about HADG’s achievements as a commercial interior design firm in Las Vegas or the company’s wide range of services, visit their website.

Heather Campbell
Heather Allen Design Group
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