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Groundbreaking Collaboration: KingDarius TheGreat and Hayzell B Create a Timeless Classic at The Writer’s Block Studios

Witnessing the Birth of “Self Love (Re-Up),” a Perfect Blend of Hip-Hop and R&B

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATE, May 18, 2023/ — In today’s rapidly evolving music industry, discovering fresh talent is as natural as breathing. With a near-infinite array of genres and emerging artists, the market is undoubtedly saturated. Yet, finding established artists reinventing themselves with grace and finesse is a truly refreshing experience.

The Writer’s Block Studios, located just north of Atlanta, Georgia, recently bore witness to a remarkable event destined to become a classic. The collaborating artists, KingDarius The Great and Hayzell B, both possess impressive resumes. KingDarius The Great is a pioneer of the digital music era, while Hayzell B captivates audiences with her passionate delivery and heavenly presence. Although familiar with their individual work, the duo’s shared history was largely unknown.

Observing their creative process and interactions, it was evident that they shared a magical chemistry, exchanging ideas, leading, following, and refining until they produced the ultimate Hip-Hop and R&B fusion in “Self Love (Re-Up).”

This song not only carries a potent, much-needed message but also showcases the artists’ professionalism and chemistry. It is poised to become a timeless hit, and as the campaign unfolds, anticipation for its success continues to grow.

Listen to “Self Love (Re-Up)” by KingDarius The Great & Hayzell B here:

KingDarius The Great’s bio can be found at, highlighting his remarkable accomplishments and contributions to the music industry. Hayzell B’s bio is available at, offering insight into her captivating and evocative musical presence.

As the music industry continues to change, this extraordinary collaboration between KingDarius The Great and Hayzell B proves that established artists can still surprise and delight both old and new fans alike. Their dynamic partnership and the birth of “Self Love (Re-Up)” at The Writer’s Block Studios are testaments to the power of reinvention and the unwavering allure of timeless music.

Don’t miss out on this groundbreaking collaboration and the opportunity to witness the rise of a true classic. Stay tuned as KingDarius The Great and Hayzell B continue to captivate and inspire audiences worldwide with their unique blend of Hip-Hop and R&B.

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