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GNB Corporation, a Leading Vacuum Chamber Manufacturer, Announces New CEO and President

GNB Elevates In-House Talent: Thomas Dobler and Chris Long Step Up as New CEO and President

ELK GROVE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, September 6, 2023/ — GNB Corporation, an industry leader in the manufacturing of vacuum chambers and high vacuum hardware, is excited to announce the appointment of Thomas Dobler as its new Chief Executive Officer and Chris Long as the company’s President, effective immediately.

After an extensive search and careful consideration, GNB Corporation’s Board of Directors is confident that Dobler and Long are the right individuals to guide the company into its next phase of growth and innovation.

Dobler, elevated from an impressive 14-year tenure at GNB Corporation, steps into the CEO role with a unique blend of technical expertise and profound customer insights. Having previously served as the VP of Sales, Dobler has consistently displayed a flair for inventive leadership and strategic foresight.

“It’s been an extraordinary 14-year journey with GNB Corporation. Drawing from my technical background and the invaluable customer insights I’ve gathered, I’m truly excited to embrace this new challenge as CEO. My time as VP of Sales has taught me the significance of innovation and vision, and I am committed to leading GNB Corporation with that same passion and strategic foresight,” Dobler said.

Long, boasting a stellar 23-year journey with GNB Corporation, assumes the role of President. Recognized for his unwavering dedication and forward-thinking vision, Long has been instrumental in shaping GNB Corporation’s success trajectory. His previous role as CFO has supplied him with a comprehensive grasp of GNB Corporation’s operations, an asset that will undoubtedly fortify his new responsibilities.

“Over the past 23 years, my commitment to GNB Corporation has grown in tandem with our company’s evolution. I’ve had the privilege of contributing to our success and understand the intricacies of our operations as CFO. As I step into the role of President, I carry forward this deep-rooted understanding, paired with a visionary approach. I’m wholeheartedly dedicated to further strengthening GNB’s legacy and leading us into the future with unwavering focus,” Long said.

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About GNB Corporation
GNB Corporation is a premier high vacuum chamber manufacturer, producing top-tier vacuum chambers, valves, and related components. Upheld by its ISO-9000 and ASME U-stamp credentials, GNB Corporation leads the market in cutting-edge vacuum solutions. The company’s expertise extends to diverse sectors, from semiconductors and scientific research to space ventures, medical treatments, and beyond. For more information, visit

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