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ArmRLite ADA complaint walk-through garage door at John Bon Jovi’s Soul Kitchen

ArmRLite ADA complaint garage door with pedestrian door at Starbucks

ArmRLite ADA complaint garage door with pedestrian door at Starbucks

ArmRLite Overhead Garage Door Manufacturer

ArmRLite Overhead Garage Door Manufacturer

ArmRLite offers ADA-compliant walk-through garage doors, meeting accessibility requirements, & providing a modern, convenient entry and exit experience.

At ArmRLite, we know space is valuable. Our garage doors with integrated ADA-compliant pass doors maximize real estate use and meet ADA requirements for egress. We help you check all the boxes.”

— Shannon McGrady, President, ArmRLite Overhead Doors

PISCATAWAY, NJ, US, May 17, 2023/ — ArmRLite, a leading-edge manufacturer of customized garage door solutions, announced that their luxurious and durable overhead garage doors that feature integrated walk-through doors are now available in a wider selection of sizes. Currently celebrating its 65th year in business, ArmRLite focuses on producing innovative products driven by customer satisfaction. In addition to offering replacement panels and parts for any garage door model the company has ever produced, ArmRLite is the only manufacturer in the industry that produces two types of customizable pedestrian doors integrated into their overhead garage doors. With this announcement, ArmRLite aims to continue to provide home and business owners with the best and most durable, useful and luxurious overhead doors on the market, while also affording them a high degree of flexibility for unique applications. Home and business owners throughout the United States can benefit from ArmRLite’s unique 100% welded garage door construction while maximizing the use of their real estate by combining overhead and walk-through entrance doors while meeting American Disabilities Act requirements for egress.

ArmRLite’s walk-through garage doors are popular for a variety of applications, including:

Restaurant and Coffee Shop Rollup Doors
Brewery Doors
Winery Doors
Retail Store Rollup Doors
Patio Garage Doors
Glass Rollup Doors for Wedding Venues
Auto Repair Shop Doors
Car Dealership Garage Doors
Fire Department Bay Doors
Modern Residential Homes

With 65 years of experience in overhead door design and manufacturing, ArmRLite produces customizable sectional rollup garage doors that offer unparalleled beauty and durability and allow consistent functionality and ease of use. ArmRLite’s customizable glass overhead doors with walk-through doors offer a wide range of options to create an attractive, sturdy door perfect for any residential or commercial application. The walk-through, or wicket, doors come with specialized features that satisfy diverse needs for entry and exit and deliver reliable and convenient performance. Options include ADA-compliant pass-through doors in our welded Titan® model, step-over pass doors in Electra® and Titan® models, crank-out awning windows, energy-efficient packages, individual exterior and interior paint colors, and more. With these customizable options, ArmRLite can create a durable, customized overhead door with an integrated man door that meets the needs of your home or business.

ArmRLite’s ADA-compliant pass door is a unique garage door with a built-in man door that meets the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). It is designed to have no step-over bottom rail and can manufactured in any width between 8’0” and 10’2”, and in any height between 8’0” and 14’0” tall. The Titan® model offers options like insulated or non-insulated glass, ⅛” tempered glass, lightweight glazing, and standard or panic hardware. or solid aluminum panels in various colors, as well as ⅛-inch tempered glass or lightweight glazing and standard or panic hardware. The garage door with pedestrian door is covered by a 5-year welded frame warranty for commercial and residential applications. ArmRLite’s ADA-compliant pass door is the only pass door made in the USA that is wheelchair accessible and compliant with ADA guidelines and local codes. It provides a reliable option for a motorized overhead garage door with a man door and includes a pass door interlock switch to maximize safety.

ArmRLite’s step-over man doors are ideal for residential or commercial private use, where the public will not use the walk-through door as an egress. Their welded aluminum and glass overhead garage doors with step-over man doors provide mechanics with a convenient and durable access door at gas stations, service stations, and repair shops. The garage doors with step-over man doors come in different colors and can be manufactured between 7’0” and 16’0” wide and between 7’0” and 14’0” tall. ArmRLite’s welded garage doors with step-over man doors are available in a variety of glass and solid or perforated panels, and are covered by a 5-year frame warranty. The step-over door can include ⅛” tempered glass or light glazing and comes with a 4” bottom bar which makes it unsuitable for public egress. ArmRLite’s step-over man door is available in their welded aluminum Electra® and Titan® models.

Since 1958, ArmRLite has been trusted by customers nationwide to provide top-quality garage door solutions with walk-through access. As they continue to innovate in the industry, ArmRLite is proud to offer these customizable garage doors with walk-through man doors that will enhance the appearance of any home or business.

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ArmRLite ADA Compliant Walk Thru Garage Door Featured at Bon Jovi’s Soul Kitchen (ArmRLite Overhead Doors)

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