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Founder of New Dating App KokTailz Is Focusing On Real-Time Connections

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS , UNITED STATES, September 11, 2023/ — Located in Tinley Park, Illinois, USA, KokTailz operates an advanced system facilitating global connections through a real-time, location-based mobile dating app. This app generates a customized feed based on users’ current locations. Users can create profiles using Google, Apple, Facebook, cell phone, or email credentials, allowing them to like, dislike, or “toast” other profiles to gauge potential romantic compatibility. KokTailz describes itself as an all-in-one digital solution designed for individuals seeking new dating prospects or casual encounters. The app also enables users to engage in text, audio, or video conversations, but only after mutually matching. Additionally, it notifies users whenever they encounter someone in their vicinity, tracking the number of times such encounters occur. Users can connect with any profile displayed on their timeline.

The app was founded by Sean Trotter and co-founded by Katherine Trotter. Retro Cube LLC, a software developer company based in Dallas, Texas started the app development in October 2020. Due to development issues, the project was stopped October 2021 by the founder Sean Trotter. In November 2021, Haider Abbas Naqvi, a freelancer based in Germany who had left Retro Cube due to salary issues, teamed up with KokTailz founders to finish developing the app.

Sean Trotter founded KokTailz to tackle the declining app traffic problem, making it effortless for individuals to meet and engage with like-minded others. Trying to position itself as one of the leading dating apps, KokTailz strategically integrates the distinctive attributes similar to the established players in the market, offering users an all-encompassing platform that encourages high adoption rates and reduces the likelihood of switching to alternative apps. This innovative approach has convinced many users to endorse KokTailz and experiment with it, migrating from their current dating applications.

KokTailz became available on iOS platforms November 14th, 2022, and became available on Android devices August 28th, 2023. Majority of KokTailz users as of September 2023 are based in the USA, Nigeria, Brazil, and India.

KokTailz represents monogamous relationships, meeting new people, expanding your social circle, and creating meaningful friendships. Planning nice outings around the city with new friends to attend events based off your interest and hobbies. KokTailz represents amazing different types of people. KokTailz is about diversity, culture, and different personalities.

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