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Florida Biotech teams with True Blue Restorations, Brizo Construction, and Endeavors® for Hurricane Recovery/Restoration

Revolutionary Eco-Friendly Disinfecting Solutions and Expert Construction Team Unite to Safely Restore Homes Impacted by Hurricane Ian

TAMPA, FL, USA, June 5, 2023/ — Florida Biotech, a leading Florida biotechnology company specializing in advanced, low carbon footprint and environmentally friendly disinfecting and deodorizing solutions is pleased to announce a partnership with True Blue Restorations, Brizo Construction, and the Emergency Services company Endeavors® who are nationally recognized for providing resources and recovery plans to individuals impacted by natural disasters.

This collaboration offers case management and assistance to individuals whose homes were adversely affected by Hurricane Ian and who have yet to receive remediation assistance allowing them to safely return to their homes. This initiative is made possible through a generous grant from Volunteer Florida Foundation and the Florida Disaster Fund.

Florida Biotech, headquartered in Tampa, Florida will play a crucial role in the partnership by providing its revolutionary new low carbon footprint, eco-safe and yet class leading disinfection and mold removal products. Unlike traditional solutions containing hazardous and environmentally toxic compounds such as alcohols and bleach/chlorine, Florida Biotech’s solutions use highly purified water and advanced quaternary compounds. Dr. J. Antoun, the company’s Chief Scientific Officer, emphasized the company’s commitment to both assisting the community and protecting the sensitive marine and terrestrial Florida ecosystem. “We have a dual obligation of providing the highest performing products while also taking responsibility for the impact on the environment.”

David Hernandez, the Senior Director of Emergency Services at Endeavors, expressed the goal of the collaboration, stating “Our number one goal is to get people safely and quickly back into their homes and out of temporary housing.”

As experts in the disaster clean up, True Blue’s CEO, Jeff Bankston states “ Florida Biotech’s products have shown us they are true game changers in terms of safety, efficacy and productivity” further supporting the initiative’s goal of safe, effective, and efficient hurricane clean up – without the residual environmental damage of traditional alcohol and bleach/chlorine products.

Construction to restore homes to acceptable living conditions will be managed by Tom Sheppard of Brizo Construction. With over 25 years of disaster service experience, they are equipped for projects as small as drywall repair and as large as entire structure rebuilding.

NOTE: For residents unaware of this program, please go to or call 1-800-892-0948 to determine if you qualify for assistance.

Florida Biotech, True Blue, Brizo Construction, and Endeavors are committed to expediting the recovery process and restoring normalcy for those affected by Hurricane Ian.

About Florida Biotech:

Florida Biotech is a Tampa-based biotechnology company specializing in water/flood damage and remediation disinfection and cleaning solutions. Their revolutionary products provide safe and effective treatment for flooded and contaminated structures while also prioritizing environmental sustainability.

About Endeavors:

Endeavors is a National organization that provides resources and recovery plans for individuals impacted by disasters. Their mission is to offer comprehensive assistance, including case management, to help affected individuals regain stability and rebuild their lives.

About True Blue Restorations: True Blue Restoration is a licensed mold remediation company servicing Florida, Texas, and North Carolina.

About Brizo Construction: The disaster recovery team at Brizo Construction stands ready to respond when your community is impacted by a storm, flood, wildfire, or any other disaster. We specialize in disaster recovery construction. With over 25 years of experience in recovery efforts, Brizo Construction has helped countless communities return home after some of the worst natural disasters in this country’s history.

Matt Frisch
Florida Biotech
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