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Fisheries Development Oman Witnesses Overwhelming Response at SIMEC Aquafish 2023

Fisheries Development Oman – Showcasing Investment Opportunities in the Fisheries Sector

Showcasing Investment Opportunities in the Fisheries Sector

We are confident that these interactions will pave the way for meaningful partnerships and collaborations, ultimately driving the sustainable growth of Oman’s fisheries industry”

— Dawood Al Wahaibi from Fisheries Development Oman

MUSCAT, OMAN, June 6, 2023/ — Fisheries Development Oman (FDO), the leading entity in the development of Oman’s fisheries sector, recently participated in the prestigious SIMEC Aquafish 2023 exhibition held in Saudi Arabia. The event proved to be a resounding success for FDO, as it received significant interest from visitors who were captivated by the abundant investment opportunities in Oman’s flourishing fisheries sector. FDO showcased its wide range of high-quality products and value-added projects, reinforcing its reputation as a key player in the regional fisheries industry.

SIMEC Aquafish 2023, one of the largest aquaculture exhibitions in the region, attracted industry professionals, investors, and government representatives from across the globe. FDO’s participation allowed them to present Oman’s thriving fisheries sector to an international audience and highlight the country’s potential as an attractive investment destination.

Visitors to FDO’s booth were impressed by the diverse range of investment opportunities available in Oman’s fisheries sector. FDO highlighted its commitment to sustainable fishing practices, which ensure the long-term viability and environmental preservation of Oman’s rich marine resources. The showcase of advanced aquaculture technologies and infrastructure further demonstrated FDO’s dedication to enhancing productivity and maintaining high-quality standards throughout the added value chain.

“FDO’s participation in SIMEC Aquafish 2023 was a remarkable success,” said Dawood Al Wahaibi from Fisheries Development Oman. “The event provided us with an excellent platform to showcase the immense potential of Oman’s fisheries sector to a global audience. We received overwhelming interest from visitors who recognized the attractive investment opportunities and the quality of products and services offered by FDO. We are confident that these interactions will pave the way for meaningful partnerships and collaborations, ultimately driving the sustainable growth of Oman’s fisheries industry.”

Throughout the exhibition, FDO presented its wide array of products and services, including fresh and frozen fish, value-added seafood products, fish processing facilities, aquaculture technologies, and sustainable fishing practices. The comprehensive range of offerings displayed by FDO further solidified their position as a leading entity in the region’s fisheries sector.

FDO’s participation in SIMEC Aquafish 2023 reflects the government’s efforts in diversifying Oman’s economy and harnessing the vast potential of its fisheries sector. With its strategic location, favorable business environment, and extensive natural resources, Oman presents an attractive destination for local and international investors seeking growth opportunities in the aquaculture industry.

About Fisheries Development Oman (FDO)

Fisheries Development Oman (FDO), the investment arm of Oman Investment Authority (OIA) in the fisheries sector, was established with a view to developing this key sector in the Sultanate by investing in profitable projects that could highlight its economic value to investors. FDO seeks to explore and invest in local and international opportunities and demonstrate the sector’s profitability and sustainability at a global scale, utilizing the Sultanate’s competitiveness in global markets.

Sustainability holds a crucial position in the business strategy of Fisheries Development Oman. The company strongly emphasizes the responsible use of renewable resources such as biomass and small pelagic to ensure the long-term sustainability of the fishing industry. FDO remains dedicated to driving economic development while preserving the environment, in line with its commitment to the community and shareholders.

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