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Finoit Introduces Daily 30-minute Pranayam Sessions in Commitment to Employee Wellbeing

Finoit - Pranayam Sessions

Finoit introduces daily 30-min pranayama sessions for employee well-being, promoting mental clarity and work-life balance.

IRVING, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, October 5, 2023 / — Finoit, a leading software product engineering and services company, has today unveiled its latest initiative towards supporting the well-being of its employees: a daily 30-minute pranayam session. This program is set to create a balanced atmosphere in the workplace, emphasizing the significance of mental health and physical well-being in a demanding corporate environment.

CEO of Finoit, Mr. Yogesh Choudhary, stated, “At Finoit, our most valuable asset is our people. In today’s fast-paced world, where we’re always ‘connected,’ it’s crucial for us to connect with ourselves, too. Our introduction of daily pranayam sessions is a testimony to our commitment to fostering a culture of holistic wellness. By channeling the ancient wisdom of pranayam, we can build a more focused, calm, and resilient team.

Pranayam, derived from Sanskrit words ‘Prana’, which means life force, and ‘Ayama’, which means extension, is an ancient Indian practice of breath control. It’s proven to increase concentration, decrease stress levels, and improve overall health. By dedicating 30 minutes daily to this practice, Finoit aims to provide employees with the tools to handle the demands of the professional world better and achieve a work-life balance.

Elaborating on the choice of pranayam, Mr. Choudhary remarked, “Pranayam is not just about breathing. It’s about tapping into an age-old tradition that has immense therapeutic benefits. Promoting relaxation, mental clarity, and emotional intelligence perfectly aligns with our vision for Finoit’s employees. We want them to thrive not just professionally but personally as well.”

Certified trainers will lead the sessions tailored to suit all levels, from beginners to those already acquainted with the practice. Employees can access these sessions virtually, ensuring flexibility and inclusion for all, especially when remote work is a significant part of the business world.

Feedback from employees who participated in the pilot program was overwhelmingly positive. A senior developer shared, “I’ve always read about the benefits of pranayam but never incorporated it into my routine. Thanks to Finoit’s initiative, not only have I started practicing it, but I’ve also witnessed a notable improvement in my focus and reduction in stress levels.”

Finoit’s initiative is part of a larger movement in the global corporate landscape focusing on employee well-being. Gone are the days when wellness at work only meant ergonomic chairs and occasional breaks. Companies like Finoit are redefining the paradigm, weaving wellness into the fabric of their organizational culture.

“We envision a future where every Finoitian is empowered with the tools to handle stress, enhance their productivity, and above all, lead a fulfilling life. With the introduction of daily pranayam sessions, we are taking a step closer to that future,” Mr. Choudhary concluded.

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