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Family’s Journey to France in a Tesla Model 3 Highlights EV Infrastructure Differences

Driving a Tesla from the UK to France

Family’s EV Road Trip to France Shatters Myths and Sparks Envy

MILTON KEYNES, BUCKINGHAMSHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM, September 6, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — A recent journey from Buckingham to the scenic Dordogne in a Tesla Model 3 has shed light on the contrasting EV infrastructures between the UK and France. The trip, undertaken by a family of four, aimed to explore the realities of long-distance EV travel, dispelling common myths surrounding range anxiety and charging challenges.

Starting in Buckingham, the family’s strategy was to maintain optimal battery levels throughout the journey. Their initial stop at the Gridserve/Tesla on the M2 provided a near-full charge within 45 minutes. The subsequent ferry crossing from Dover to Calais on a DFDS vessel was seamless, with the vehicle’s battery level remaining consistent, contrary to popular misconceptions.

Upon entering France, the family’s first stop was at Aire De La Baie De Somme. Conveniently, a Tesla Charger was available, ensuring the vehicle was ready for the next leg of the journey. The route around Paris proved challenging due to traffic, but a Supercharger outside Orleans provided a quick recharge.

The following day, the journey continued with stops at strategically located Superchargers, including Châteauroux and E.Leclerc Limoges. The latter, a major hub with a supermarket and food hall, also attracted attention to the vehicle’s unique alloy design, courtesy of EV Styling.

The destination, Camping Le Paradis Dordogne, offered both fast and destination chargers, ensuring the vehicle was always ready for daily excursions. Throughout the week, the family observed a notable number of EVs on French roads, with efficient and accessible charging stations at every turn.

The return journey mirrored the outbound trip’s efficiency, with stops at familiar Superchargers and an overnight stay in Chartres. The family’s experience highlighted the advanced EV infrastructure in France, especially when compared to the UK. Notably, French motorways indicate services with EV charging, a feature appreciated by many EV drivers.

In summary, this journey underscored the advancements in France’s EV infrastructure, prompting discussions about the need for similar progress in the UK. The entire trip’s charging cost was approximately £70, with the most expensive charge being £18.

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