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Ethiopia: Office to Raise 400mln. Birr for GERD Coffer

ethiopia office to raise 400mln birr for gerd coffer
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ADDIS ABABA- Office of National Council for The Coordination of Public Participation on the Construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) announced that it has planned to collect over 400 million Birr within the next ten days designating ‘a bond week.’

The Office Public Relations and Media Communication Director Hailu Abrham told The Ethiopian Herald that the office will solicit the finance with a view to supporting GERD construction.

According to Hailu, a nation launched ‘bond week’ from March 24 up to April 04 to commemorate the commencement of GERD project.

In this regard, Development Bank of Ethiopia (DBE), Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE), and seven microfinances have been preparing a bond week for the last ten years.

Besides, different events like art gallery, music festival, theater, football and the like have been carried out accompanying the annual celebration with the exception of last year following the outbreak of COVID-19.

Meanwhile, the Office collected 14.98 billion Birr from the public during over the past ten years, out of 15 billion Birr set target. Besides, it enabled to collect 1.28 billion Birr over the last eight months, which by far surpasses that of last year’s same time, even for a year.

“Apart from supporting the GERD financially, morally and expertise wise, all Ethiopians at home and living overseas have been non-delegated ambassadors of GERD engaging in public diplomacy to aware the global community that the project is instrumental in ensuring win- win approach among riparian countries. Similarly, they are working against bodies who would like to interfere in the GERD issue and internal affairs of the nation based on misinformation to pass unfair decision,” he said.

He applauded Ethiopians’ relentless effort to build the image of the country, help it benefit much out of its resources and push the construction of GERD steps forward and reach 79 percent over the last ten years

The Ethiopian Herald 23 March 2021