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Ethiopia: Newly Constructed Tourist Destinations Prop Up Ecotourism

ADDIS ABABA- The newly constructed and under construction tourist destinations are instrumental in contributing a lot to country’s ecotourism and simultaneously helping the farming community boost productivity, Tourism Ethiopia said.

According to Tourism Ethiopia Director General Sileshi Girma, tourist destinations and accommodations like hotels, lodges, and resorts were built earlier without a well-planned manner and the interests of general public.

“A number of tourist destinations are now being built based on a meticulous plan and appropriate pattern,” he cited.

Three tourist attraction areas that were built following a “Dine for Sheger” scheme–Sheger, Entoto and Unity parks–have been providing local, national and international tourists with the required services.

Expanding the model initiated by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (Ph.D) revolving around the circumferences of Addis Ababa, follows the ‘Dine for Nation’ project comprising Gorgora, Koisha and Wonchi Lakes at national level thereby enlarging to ‘Dine for Africa”, he noted.

“Of the three national initial projects, Gorgora, historical place situated in Gondar has been built in a bid to benefit the local community. In this regard, the universities are coming to the pipeline to develop the areas via providing the community with relevant services and research work to come up with lucrative outcomes in the country.

Gondar University hence is made responsible to carryout researches on various areas to further foster the development of Gorgora areas since it is found at the vicinity of the project site, he stated.

In so doing, the problems of the local community are expected to be addressed using the way compatible to local farming activities and this can easily be dealt with the University of Gondar as it is committed to protect the place from contamination and destruction, he added.

The ten year leading road map guidance of Gorgora is expected to help the area bring about change in running green belt facets, tourist reception, lodge enhancement, buttressing accommodations like bed rooms and other related services.

In due course of implementing such a colossal national projects, universities have to be forerunners along with the government as their all-round effort has added precious value and immensely contributed to a range of social, economic and political spheres in which the country has been journeying, he said.