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End Brain Cancer Initiative (EBCI) Announces Runner-Up of National HOPE Award

Jennifer Ortiz and husband Matthew

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Jennifer (Jenn) Ortiz of Phoenix, Arizona is the Runner-Up recipient of the 2023 EBCI National HOPE Award

I don’t take NO for an answer.”

— Jennifer Ortiz


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End Brain Cancer Initiative (EBCI) Announces Runner-Up of National HOPE Award

Redmond, WA (June 15, 2023)- Jennifer (Jenn) Ortiz of Phoenix, Arizona is the runner-up recipient of the 2023 EBCI National HOPE Award, a Disease Education, Awareness & Outreach Campaign/Initiative.

Jenn Ortiz is a fighter, according to the Ivy Center communications specialist, Jennifer Keeler, who nominated her for the award. “When she was first diagnosed with Glioblastoma and learned she may have only 12-15 months to live, she allowed one tear to roll down her cheek, then said, ‘No, not me.’ She was determined to beat it. When her brain tumor returned two years later, she was even more resolved to fight it. She enrolled in a clinical trial and began experimental treatment. Today, almost three years later, Jenn is healthy and filled with hope for the future. She’s focused on her future.”

In exchange for naps and sweets, Jenn “works out every day and eats healthy brain-boosting foods,” she says. I have had Temodar in the past, wear my Optune device, and get the Avastin drip using any means available to me to beat brain cancer. “To me, HOPE is determination. I make HOPE happen. Don’t wait to start realizing your dream Bucket List. Mine includes snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef and hiking the Hawaiian Islands. I was able to participate in a hike at The Granite Mountain Hotshots Memorial State Park, (where we lost firemen during a wildfire) and it was one of the most emotional things I ever experienced. We are enjoying exploring our beautiful state of Arizona.”

Jennifer’s hope: “I’m going to save ME and everyone after me. My husband Matthew hates when I say this, but I believe that Glioblastoma has been a blessing; I have been provided opportunities and time with my family I never had before. I’m home to take my young son to his activities. I get to participate in hobbies I never had time for, and I can make my mind, body, and soul a priority.” She and her husband go dancing every Saturday night.

EBCI President, CEO, and Board Chair, Dellann Elliott Mydland predicts Jenn will inspire others by sharing her story. “We want to thank Jenn so much for reaching out to us. You will make a tremendous difference.” Jenn encourages the leaders in research, pharma, and biosciences to “Keep working and like me, don’t give up. I don’t take NO for an answer – a closed door is just an opportunity, and I encourage those in the industry to take the same approach.”

Jennifer’s award was announced at EBCI’s “Know All Your Treatment Options” online Disease Education meeting/event at the end of May. The National HOPE Award, a Disease Education, Awareness & Outreach campaign/initiative is made possible by our long-time Presenting Sponsor for this campaign/initiative, Novocure. This effort is also supported by IMVAX, Whim Social, Great Purpose Productions, and COX Media.

The idea behind this award is to present it to a patient that INSPIRES others as well as EBCI by the way that they are living their life with their disease and HOW they are helping others. Jenn Ortiz will serve as a spokesperson for EBCI and use her voice to help others cope with brain cancer and is available for interviews.

The EndBrainCancer Initiative | Chris Elliott Fund is dedicated to ensuring that all patients diagnosed with brain cancer, a brain tumor, or metastatic disease to the brain have equal access to advanced diagnostics, treatments, specialists, and clinical trial participation. We believe that IMMEDIATE ACCESS to these options provides this patient community with the best HOPE for survival and sustained quality of life. We partner with industry, patients, researchers, advocacy groups, medical teams, hospital networks, and others to educate patients and their caregivers so they can have empowered conversations with medical teams.

The End Brain Cancer Initiative (EBCI), formerly known as the Chris Elliott Fund, works to support and guide patients and their caregivers through their medical journey after a diagnosis of Brain Cancer, a Brain Tumor, or Metastatic Disease to the Brain.

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