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Eleven years later, TX Governor signs HB697 amending Seller’s Disclosure Notice re: gas piping in residential property

Texas Governor signed HB697 amending the Sellers Disclosure Notice effective September 1, 2023, amending the Sellers Disclosure Notice regarding gas piping.

ROCKWALL, TEXAS, USA, September 20, 2023 / — The Seller’s Disclosure Notice requires residential home sellers to disclose information about their property prior to or at the time a sales contract is executed.

Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) updates 22 TAC 537.62 Standard Contract Form TREC No. OP-H, Seller’s Disclosure Notice to comply with the requirements of HB697 which adds a disclosure related to gas piping to the statutorily required notice of the type of gas piping as either:
-Black Iron Pipe, or -Copper, or -Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing.

Since Brennen’s death in 2012, The Teel family has spent countless hours pleading for awareness of Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing (CSST) gas piping to the unknowing 10,000,000 homeowners throughout the United States.

Ken and Becky Teel, the parents of Brennen Chase Teel, created the Brennen Teel Foundation to raise awareness and tackle safety issues presented by the presence of CSST in homes. Brennen was killed on August 24, 2012 as a result of a CSST failure in a home where the installation was purportedly “proper” according to the product manufacturer. The failure was lightning induced. Similar failures are occurring all over the United States threatening lives and homes.

Brennen’s mother, Becky Teel has met with the Texas State Fire Marshal, Home Inspectors, Fire Chiefs, National Association of State Fire Marshals, Senators, State Representatives, Firefighters, Lightning Protection Institute and many others fighting for awareness of the dangers of CSST.

This new law (HB 697) authored by Representative Justin Holland, is the result. The disclosure of CSST gas piping in residential homes will allow the potential home owner awareness of the possible dangers or make a choice to retrofit the piping to a safer alternative.

Time line
August 24, 2012: Brennen Teel’s death from lightning damaged CSST and the resulting gas fire in Lubbock, Texas.
September 17, 2012 and
December 11, 2013: Emergency moratorium prohibits CSST gas piping in Lubbock, Texas.
September 1, 2015: TREC adopts a new Property Inspection Report Form 7-5 to report CSST bonding requirements.
June 13, 2016 : Lubbock City Council passes code amendments for CSST gas piping.
June 26, 2019: Lubbock City Council rescinds code amendments for CSST gas piping.
September 1, 2019: Texas Legislature HB2439 forces acceptance of the National Fuel Gas Code and CSST gas piping installations by Texas cities.
February 1, 2022: TREC adopts new Standards of Practice and Property Inspection Report form 7-6 for TREC licensed inspectors to report the type of gas piping present.
September 1, 2023: Texas Legislature HB697 Seller’s Disclosure Notice amendments which add disclosures related to gas piping (including CSST) to the statutorily required notice.

We are grateful for the increased public awareness caused by HB697. After eleven years, we learned that our heart, courage and commitment were an unfair match against the industry’s coalition. We hope for more stringent consequences regarding the continued use of CSST. The injury, death and destruction that results from damaged CSST gas piping can be eliminated.

Lavera Vincent
Brennen Teel Foundation
+1 210-363-5848

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