Elevate Self-Expression: Celebrate Pride Month at New York’s Premier Aesthetic Clinic

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LGBTQ-Owned Aion Aesthetics Offers an Advanced Treatment Menu of Facial/Body Optimization Injectables, Supporting Positive Self-Esteem

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, May 30, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — As June’s Pride Month approaches, conscious consumers who seek to support LGBTQ-owned businesses can do so while also perfecting their summer-ready look at Aion Aesthetics. Co-Founders Akis Ntonos, FNP – named “Top Aesthetic Injector” by Aesthetic Everything for two consecutive years – and Certified Weight Loss Coach Taso Mikroulis serve as the “power couple” behind the award-winning New York-based boutique clinic. Together, they provide a distinctively personalized approach to restoring client vitality and confidence through an advanced menu of aesthetic injectables.

Recognized as the East Coast’s “Top Medical Spa,” Aion is the premiere destination for the best in anti-aging, innovative skincare, weight loss (Mikroulis’ specialty), and more. Ntonos’ in-depth expertise supports A-list clients like Miss New York Taryn Delanie Smith in meeting their individual aesthetic goals. As a happy side effect, many clients also experience the natural boost in self-esteem that accompanies feeling great about what they see in the mirror. An increase in personal confidence has helped contribute to improved mental health, a lower incidence of depression and anxiety, and higher quality relationships.

Among Aion’s full treatment menu, the most popular options for spring include:

The Priapus Shot (P-ShotⓇ) ($1,950): Natural growth factors help to repair healthy tissues at the cellular level, treating symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction while achieving enhanced performance, appearance, and more. An astonishing 100% of Ntonos’ clients report a high degree of satisfaction with their treatment results.

AnteAGE MDⓇ Stem Cell Microneedling ($845): The latest advancement in skin rejuvenation – this unique brightening treatment involves puncturing skin’s subdermal layer and applying a special serum to stimulate the body’s natural stem cell production, targeting skin challenges at the cellular level without drying, irritation, or inflammation. In as little as two weeks, many clients begin to see diminished fine lines/wrinkles and facial scars, along with firmer, more supple skin.

SculptraⓇ ($995 per vial): The first bio-stimulant injectable on the market, this treatment activates skin’s natural regenerative process to help replenish lost facial collagen and support inner structure – perfect for replenishing skin in sensitive areas, such as underneath the eyes, with less post-treatment bruising.

Learn more about Aion Aesthetics and book an appointment online at Aionnyc.com. Visit in person: 55 E 73rd Street Suite #G-F in New York, New York or call 917-436-9654. The complete treatment menu also includes skin peels, threading, hair restoration, skin peels, injectable neurotoxins, and vitamin shots.
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About Aion Aesthetics:
Aion Aesthetics is New York’s premier aesthetic boutique clinic. Designated by Aesthetic Everything as the East Coast’s “Top Medical Spa 2022” and spearheaded by “Top Aesthetic Injector” (2022, 2023) Akis Ntonos, Aion specializes in achieving timeless results with a distinctively personal approach. Consultations take into account a client’s skin condition, age, and other important factors to ensure a natural lasting look that fits with their specific lifestyle. Co-founders Ntonos and clinic director Taso Mikroulis blend a passion for a flawless aesthetic with in-depth industry expertise and a uniquely skilled hand. Experience the exhilaration of eternal youth made more approachable and discover the luxury of choosing a facial architect who feels like family. Book an appointment online at Aionnyc.com. Visit in person: 55 E 73rd Street Suite #G-F in New York, New York or call 917-436-9654. Full menu includes microneedling, threading, hair restoration, skin peels, injectable neurotoxins or fillers, vitamin shots, and erectile dysfunction shots.

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