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Elena Radford, Founder of The Inca Way, Creates an Online Course Aimed at Healing Individuals with Alcoholic Parents

Elena Radford

Radford provides a unique approach to addressing the emotional and psychological impacts of growing up with alcoholic parents.

LOS ANGELES, UNITED STATES, June 20, 2023/ — Elena Radford, an acclaimed Shaman and founder of The Inca Way, offers an online course aimed at helping children of alcoholic parents overcome the emotional burdens of dealing with the devastating effects of being raised in an alcoholic environment. Children of alcoholic parents are often left with deep wounds damaging them for life, says Radford. The aftermath of being raised in the toxic environment that alcoholism creates can lead to the repeat of past mistakes, self-destructive habits, broken relationships, self-limiting beliefs, and much more. “Clearing” helps alleviate these self-defeating habits and allows students to live emotionally healthy lives. According to DrugRehab, an estimated 28 million Americans are children of alcoholic parents. The course costs $175 and will take place over four 2-hour weekly Zoom calls.

“You can end the cycle of destruction. The Inca Way can help you clear blocks, replace limiting beliefs, and heal your wounds,” says Radford.

Radford explains that she will help students recognize past behaviors, build new positive habits, replace limiting beliefs, and clear ancestral blocks. From channeling ancestors to corn seed readings to building harmonious interactions between students and the universe, Radford says she has the tools to help “create the new life you need.” According to the Pre-Inca teachings, corn seed readings hold symbolic representations of heaven and earth. They signify the harmonious connection between humanity and the supernatural realm, serving as an integral part of the cosmic system. These readings reflect the spiritual relationship and ongoing interaction between humans and Pachamama, the revered embodiment of Mother Earth, adds Radford.

“When creating the life, you most want, you feel confident, empowered, balanced, free, and inspired. You have a strong sense of direction,” informs Radford.

Radford says she is dedicated to preserving the ancestral wisdom of her Peruvian lineage, which encompasses the extraordinary achievements and communities of both the Inca civilization and the Pre-Inca predecessors. Her commitment lies in safeguarding the profound knowledge passed down through generations and ensuring its continued recognition and relevance. Radford originates from the ancestral lineage of Andean Shamans, whose beliefs include the notion that their sacred land was lost when submerged into the ocean. She explains these Shamans are deeply connected to their ancient heritage and carry the wisdom and spiritual practices passed down through generations. Their traditions encompass a profound reverence for the land and its mystical significance.

“The intent is to create our future by observation from the perspective of self-love. By balancing the present and the future, we can create a better world of love, respect, and circular time where the negative and terrible choices from the past cannot control us,” states Radford.

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