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Egypt: Egypt Urges Zim Companies to Engage Global Business Community

ZIMBABWEAN companies must engage the international community and create relations that foster economic growth, the Egyptian Ambassador to Zimbabwe Mahmoud Amer has said.

In a television interview on the Business Brief programme Wednesday, Ambassador Amer said the southern African country had a lot of economic potential and it had to take advantage of by engaging other nations across the globe for businesses to grow.

“My advice to the business community in Zimbabwe is to go out and speak to other countries in terms of business. I know there are some sort of syndicates where business people come together under one umbrella and vigorously market at an international level,” Ambassador Amer said.

“Zimbabwe has a lot of potential especially in areas such as health, tourism, and agriculture. People should be more on the outward look rather than the inward look. Companies in Zimbabwe must try to bring in the attention of the international community to showcase what they do.”

The top diplomat also noted the good economic relations between Zimbabwe and Egypt adding they must be enhanced for the benefit of the two countries.

“A lot should be done and can be done to foster good economic relations between Zimbabwe and Egypt. The existing political relations should be expanded and developed into economic magnificence,” he added.

“My colleague ambassador of Zimbabwe in Cairo has the same directives so we are working hand-in-hand to foster economic relations in order to bring them to par so that Zimbabwe and Egypt happily exist.

“Before coming to Zimbabwe, I had a bit of homework to do and I went around to the Egyptian business community and I saw they are very enthusiastic about economic opportunities that Zimbabwe can offer and with the Second Republic here, which says ‘everyone is open for business’, I think the Egyptian companies will take an opportunity and would come here,” said Ambassador Amer.

He said he was working tirelessly to make sure Egyptian companies fulfill their promises and invest in Zimbabwe.

“This is my everyday work to make sure that Egyptian companies know what Zimbabwe offers and there is a lot of room where we can expand our bilateral economic relations specifically in the fields of agriculture, tourism, and health.”

Turning to sanctions imposed against Zimbabwe by the West, Ambassador Amer said Egypt is a member of the African Union (AU) and was fighting to have the restrictive measures removed for Zimbabwe’s economy to grow.