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EFF rejects AU’s granting of observer status to racist Zionist apartheid Israel

Fighters say this makes the union complicit in the continuing killings of Palestinians


Wednesday, 28 July 2021

The EFF rejects the African Union Commission decision to grant the racist Zionist apartheid state of Israel observer status in the African Union. The decision is shameful and undermines the struggle against an assault on Palestinians human rights supported and sustained by Western Imperialist regimes.

The decision to grant Israel observer status makes the AU complicit in the continuing killings of Palestinians and goes against AU’s commitment to principles of self-determination and decolonization. The solidarity for freedom of oppressed people for Africa should be unconditional, and Africans, guided by the spirit of the founders of the African Union, should always side with the oppressed people.

The AU should lead by example and call for the continent to isolate and boycott Israel and not rest until the people of Palestine are free. Instead of treating murders with civility and dignity while Palestinians continue to suffer unimaginable dehumanization. The EFF calls for the immediate removal of all officials who granted Israel the observer status.

The provocative and unilateral decision of the insubordinate Chairperson of the African Union Commission to invite and accept the diplomatic credentials of apartheid Israel representatives into the fold of the African Union observer status community is misconduct worth AU sanctions against its own employee.

Mr. Moussa Faki Mahamat is nothing more than a mere functionary of the AU and has no powers to bind the AU on decisions that have far reaching political implications. The Constitutive Act of the AU provides that the Chairperson of Commission is the Chief Executive Officer, legal representative of the AU and the Commission’s Chief

Accounting Officer. He is not an executive authority. The Chairperson’s functions are limited to administration and finances; promoting and popularising the AU’s objectives and enhancing its performance; consulting and coordinating with key stakeholders like Member States and act as a depository for all AU and OAU treaties and legal instruments. This nonsensical chairperson has not consulted with Members States, nor his decision authorised by the General Assembly of the AU.

The AU on its founding in 2002 correctly refused to inherit the practise of Organisation of African Unity in providing apartheid Israel with diplomatic observer status in its ranks. Any change of policy should be authorised by the AU General Assembly of Heads of States prior to its implementation by its employees including this Moussa Faki Mahamat.

The EFF will write to the Chairperson of the African Union to demand an urgent meeting of AU Heads of States to impeach this stupid administrator who has surrogated political power and decision of AU taking advantage of inability of Head of States to sit due to the Corona pandemic.

We further call on all AU member states to petition the AU Chairperson, the President of Democratic Republic of Congo, His Excellency Felix Antoine Tshisekedi, for an extraordinary sitting of the AU General Assembly to once and for all bring finality on this stupendous conduct of their employee, Moussa Faki Mahamat.

We call on AU member states to declare this AU employee a prohibited person from travelling to any part of Africa other than his return flight to Chad where his community needs him most to contribute in bringing about peace and democracy to his war raven country.

Statement issued by the EFF, 28 July 2021

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