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Econologics Financial Advisors Presents “The Financial Beast Podcast for Practice Owners” with Host Eric Miller

LARGO, FL, USA, September 21, 2023 / — Econologics Financial Advisors, the forward-thinking national financial planning firm based in Largo, FL, is thrilled to announce the launch of “The Financial Beast Podcast for Practice Owners,” hosted by best-selling author Mr. Eric Miller. This exciting new financial podcast for business owners in healthcare, is crafted to support the unique challenges that private practice owners face in revealing their financial potential, both personally and professionally, regardless if they own a veterinary clinic, an optometric clinic, a physical therapy practice, dentist office, or any other privately owned healthcare business.

Unleashing the Financial Beast Within

The Financial Beast Podcast is more than just a talking-head podcast. Designed specifically those individuals who bravely own a healthcare business in today’s political environment, this engaging podcast provides critical insights into financial matters that affect owners’ financial prosperity, both in their practice and personal lives.

Eric Miller and his carefully selected guest experts, guide listeners into the realm of what it means to become a Financial Beast® and provides steps to help practice owners get into the coveted Financial Beast Mode™, which can only be described as a transformative state where individuals become debt-free, protected, invested, and set for life.

Becoming a Financial Beast: A Journey with best-selling author and host, Eric Miller

With his extensive experience and dedication working with practice owners of various healthcare industries for almost two decades, Eric Miller is the perfect host to lead listeners on their journey towards becoming a Financial Beast in business ownership. In October of 2022, Miller launched his first book: How to Become a Financial Beast – Harness the Power of Your Practice to Build Personal Wealth and Go Out at the Top of the Game, and it quickly rose to become an Amazon best-seller if 14 categories and 3 countries. This hard-won knowledge is the catalyst for the Financial Beast Podcast.

Listeners will benefit from Eric’s wisdom and guidance as he shares actionable steps to navigate the complexities of financial planning. Each episode will offer practical advice, strategies, and solutions tailored to the unique needs and challenges faced by practice owners. Topics such as reorganizing business expenses, maximizing the value of a private practice to building multiple streams of income and how to treat the practice like an investment will be covered on the Financial Beast Podcast.

Achieve Financial Goals with Econologics Financial Advisors

Econologics Financial Advisors has been serving the financial needs of practice owners for almost two decades. This national financial planning firm is committed to helping practice owners excel in their financial lives with a proprietary financial planning system and financial advisors trained to understand the unique challenges of practice ownership. The launch of “The Financial Beast Podcast for Practice Owners” reaffirms this dedication, offering an easily accessible and valuable resource at the fingertips of practice owners any time of day.

“Our goal is to help practice owners become Financial Beasts, and reach their true financial potential,” says Eric Miller. “Through this podcast outlet, we’ll provide the knowledge and encouragement practice owners need to accelerate the process of personal economic independence, so they can achieve personal and professional goals beyond their dreams.”

Tuning In to Transform Financial Lives

“The Financial Beast Podcast for Practice Owners” is now available on all major podcast platforms including, but not limited to: PodBean, Apple Podcasts, Audible, Spotify, iHeart Radio, YouTube and

About Econologics Financial Advisors

Econologics Financial Advisors is a Registered Investment Advisor firm and insurance agency serving the financial planning needs of healthcare practice owners, nationwide, including veterinarians, physical therapists, optometrists, and dentists, etc. helping them gain confidence in their financial future and achieve financial freedom.

By helping practice owners plan a path toward financial success, Econologics Financial Advisors shows owners how to run their household like a business and treat their practice like the investment asset that it is through tailored financial planning techniques designed to get results. After working with an Econologics Financial Advisor, a practice owner informed how to harness the profits of the business, to build multiple income streams of personal wealth, prepare for retirement, protect and expand their income producing assets, and plan a financial legacy expeditiously.

Econologics Financial Advisors is also home to multiple licensed financial advisors and a staff who are committed to helping practice owners achieve their business and personal financial goals. Eric S. Miller, the Co-Owner and Chief Financial Advisor at Econologics, has had over 20,000 conversations with practice owners and over a decade of experience helping clients through business expansion efforts and all the way out through exit into retirement for a desired more meaningful and smooth financial journey.

With the skills, talents, experience, and dedication of the Econologics Financial Advisors team, the mission to help hundreds of practice owners predict, protect, and overcome the financial hurdles on the journey to maximizing the fruits their hard work, build a better financial future, and have time free to pursue other life goals.

Econologics Financial Advisors, LLC (‘EFA’) is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as an investment advisor. (Such registration does not imply a certain level of skill or training.) This communication is not an offer to sell or effect any transaction in securities. Neither EFA nor its affiliates provide legal, tax or accounting advice. Please consult a qualified attorney or accountant.

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