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Dr. Rajeev Fernando: NY Metro Top Doctor for Ninth Year, Acknowledging Excellence in Infectious Diseases and Aid

Dr. Fernando NYC Metro Top Doc On Duty

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Dr. Fernando Front Line Emergency and Disaster Medical Aid

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Global Medical Luminary Recognized for his Unwavering Dedication to Patient Care, Education and Crisis Response Amidst Challenging Global Health Scenarios

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, May 22, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — For the ninth year in a row, the New York Medical Association recognized Dr. Rajeev Fernando as a New York Metro Top Doctor for 2023. This prestigious accolade highlights Dr. Fernando’s consistent excellence in the medical field since 2014.

Dr. Fernando’s global reputation as an Infectious Diseases Expert has made him a prominent figure in the medical community. He is globally renowned for his expertise and dedication to combating infectious diseases. In 2020, Dr. Fernando traveled to Wuhan China, where he actively contributed to the efforts to understand and control the novel Covid-19 virus. Additionally, he played a crucial role in treating patients during the West Africa Ebola outbreak in 2014 and investigating the Zika virus outbreak in Brazil in 2016. These experiences have further enhanced his expertise and commitment to addressing global health challenges.

Recognizing the pressing need for specialized care in Ukraine due to the ongoing conflict, Dr. Fernando established what he dubbed a “Center of Wellness.” The Center not only provides mental health and medical services to refugees, but also offers training programs to frontline healthcare workers. Dr. Fernando trains these workers on critical topics including how to mitigate chemical weapons attacks and bioterrorism. By equipping healthcare professionals with the necessary knowledge and skills, he aims to enhance the capacity to respond effectively to potential threats in conflict situations, ensuring the safety and well-being of vulnerable populations.

Dr. Fernando’s exceptional medical expertise and humanitarian spirit are exemplified by his commitment to improving the lives of individuals affected by war-related trauma. His tireless work with CHIRAJ has made a significant impact in Ukraine, addressing mental health challenges, and providing essential medical services to those in need. Dr. Fernando’s recognition as a New York Metro Top Doctor further underscores his dedication to patient care and his unwavering pursuit of excellence in his medical specialty.

In addition to his humanitarian efforts, Dr. Fernando has shared his medical expertise through various media networks, including CNN, BBC, Fox, and Forbes, providing valuable insights on critical healthcare topics.

About Dr. Rajeev Fernando

Dr. Rajeev Fernando, distinguished in the realm of infectious diseases, is recognized as New York Metro’s Top Doctor for the ninth year, manifesting his persistent commitment to medical excellence. Known for his active role during global health crises, such as the COVID-19 pandemic in Wuhan, the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, and the Zika virus outbreak in Brazil, Dr. Fernando’s work extends far beyond traditional medicine.

Amidst Ukraine’s ongoing conflict, he founded the Center of Wellness to provide specialized mental health services and training for healthcare workers, thereby augmenting the local medical capacity to effectively respond to potential threats.

His work with CHIRAJ in Ukraine exemplifies his humanitarian spirit, addressing mental health challenges and providing essential medical services to those in need. He also disseminates his medical expertise through media networks like CNN, BBC, Fox, and Forbes.

For more information about Dr. Rajeev Fernando and CHIRAJ, please visit the official website: https://www.chiraj.org/

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