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Adoption Joys 2: Dads Make a Difference

Author Doris Howe emphasizes the role of fathers in a family in her book “Adoption Joys 2: Dads Make A Difference”

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, September 14, 2023/ — Like mothers, fathers largely impact a child’s emotional well-being development. A lot of children look up to their fathers, admiring both the emotional and physical security they provide. Doris Howe talks more about such in her book “Adoption Joys 2: Dads Make A Difference.”

“Adoption Joys 2: Dads Make A Difference” dives deep into the huge role a father plays in an adopted child’s life. According to the author, fathers are just as important as mothers, especially in an adoption setting.

One reader recommends the book and says, “This book details how children placed in adoptive families thrive and flourish emphasizing the importance of dads, whether biological or not. Certainly an interesting read and one worth delving into.”

Informative as well as educational, Adoption Joys 2 inspires an extension of compassion towards the unique experience of adoptive parents and adopted children.

A missionary with Youth with A Mission, Doris Howe has been an adoption caseworker for over 24 years. She mainly takes care of young women who find themselves in an unplanned pregnancy by educating them, praying with them, and loving them. Learn more about the author and her works on her website.

Understand the many joys and challenges of adoption today with Doris Howe’s guidance, and secure a copy of the book from Barnes & Noble.

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