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Denniston Data Inc. Sets A New Standard In Healthcare Analytics With Its Provider Ranking System™

This system harnesses the power of big data to facilitate smarter decision-making, thereby transforming the future of healthcare delivery.

CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, September 14, 2023/ — Denniston Data Inc., a leading innovator in the healthcare analytics field, announces an upgrade to its Provider Ranking System™ (PRS), further solidifying its commitment to advancing the industry. With this new system, the company aims to transform the provider evaluation and decision-making process for healthcare payers like large, self-insured employers and health insurers, thereby significantly enhancing data transparency in healthcare.

In today’s data-driven world, the healthcare industry often needs to provide the kind of clarity and openness that consumers have come to expect. Denniston Data Inc. recognizes this gap as an opportunity to change the narrative. By offering the Provider Ranking System™, the company provides a robust analytics platform that combines user-friendly functionality with high-quality, objective data.

“Our PRS system is a game-changer. It is more than just a tool. It is a holistic ecosystem. By leveraging Medicare data, we bring objective, evidence-based rankings of healthcare providers to the table, transforming how decisions are made,” the company’s rep stated.

“Feel free to explore our website at to learn more about what we do,” the rep added.

The need for data transparency in healthcare is critical, and PRS is designed to meet this need head-on. The platform publishes each healthcare provider’s average billed price for every medical procedure they perform and contextualizes these figures with Medicare-approved rates. By doing so, PRS offers a multi-dimensional view that can significantly aid in making well-informed decisions. This comes at a pivotal moment in healthcare, where debates about price transparency and federal mandates are garnering increasing public and political attention.

The advantages are immediately apparent for healthcare payers, but PRS also serves a broader community of stakeholders. Case managers, for instance, can efficiently identify the best providers for specific medical procedures, thus saving valuable time and financial resources. Additionally, marketers at pharmaceutical and medical device companies can use detailed, targeted information to streamline and optimize their marketing strategies.

About Denniston Data Inc.
Founded by professionals with decades of experience in healthcare, Denniston Data Inc. has a rich history of pioneering innovative solutions in healthcare analytics. The company aims to establish itself as an industry leader and an essential daily resource for various subscribers. Central to this mission is a deep commitment to data transparency in healthcare, empowering stakeholders with accurate, unbiased information to make better decisions.

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