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Decuma Unveils Explosive Concept Album “Feeding the World Serpent” – A Cinematic Blend of Hip Hop and Neoclassical

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Growing experimental musician Decuma announces new album to come out 09/23/23. Digital Pre-order profits will be donated to CancerCare

This new record is a statement on the relationship between mankind and the society it created. It is a reclamation and a reinvention of my classical roots, my anger, and my confidence.””

— Decuma

DETROIT, U.S.A, August 30, 2023/ — Just 6 months after releasing ‘let’s play pretend!’, the album that garnered attention from the Recording Academy, Bandcamp, and fans across the globe, Decuma is back with feeding the world serpent. The new record blends hip hop with experimental neoclassical to create a uniquely cinematic sound, acting as an intense landscape for Decuma’s dense lyrics and commanding delivery. Drawing inspiration from artists such as Xiu Xiu, Armand Hammer, & Moor Mother, Decuma is hungrier than ever.
The album is set to release on September 23rd, with contributions from Me oh myriorama (formerly Coin Locker Kid), Goblynne, Oddity, and more. Pre-orders are available for both digital and physical copies, with the profits from digital sales going towards CancerCare in memory of Decuma’s late godmother that passed during the creation of the album.
Feeding the world serpent is a concept album about the end of the world. Decuma utilizes this apocalyptic context to provide social and philosophical commentary, making statements on the nature of humanity and its relationship with the society it created. Ouroboros becomes an allegory for the cyclical nature of humanity, and God becomes an allegory for all forces that mankind allows to influence themselves.
The Detroit born poet calls this album, “a reclamation and a reinvention of my classical roots, my anger, and my confidence.” Maximalist soundscapes and giant compositions take the stage, and as such, Decuma frequently refers to the album as a feature film.
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