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Corc Yoga Founder Challenges Yogis To Read The Ingredient Label On Their Yoga Mats

During National Yoga Month, countless studios offer free yoga classes, but harmful chemicals may be polluting the minds and mantras of millions

LISBON, PORTUGAL, September 1, 2023/ — With September’s National Yoga Month following the hottest summer in recorded history – with the resulting freakish floods and fires happening from Myanmar to Maui – hiding in the shade in child’s pose may feel like an option. Instead, Corc Yoga – the world’s first 100% sustainable, farm-to-studio, non-toxic yoga product company – is inviting yogis to be part of the solution.

The minority-owned company is encouraging the 360 million yoga practitioners around the world to choose their pro=planet, healthy alternative to chemical-filled vinyl mats that off-gas toxins and are unable to biodegrade. (Polyvinyl chloride with phthalates are typically used to make vinyl yoga mats more flexible.) For less than the cost of a brand-name yoga outfit, wellness seekers can have their own easy-to-clean, hypoallergenic, and antimicrobial yoga mat. Corc Yoga is inviting all yogis to use their earth-friendly, durable mats that yoga teachers say “feel like skin and smell like a forest.”

Corc sources raw materials from small farmers in Portugal – a country that produces 50% of the world’s cork. In a beautiful circle, cork trees need to be “sheared” every 7 to 10 years or they stop growing. The company then enlists the help of local artisans to handcraft the raw cork planks into yoga mats, blocks, backpacks, dog mats, purses, and more.

Facts behind selecting cork yoga products include:

• According to the World Wildlife Fund, cork forests in Portugal “help soil conservation, act as buffers against forest fires, and retain water to control runoff/8 and erosion, thus curbing the impacts of desertification and climate change.”

• Cork forests of Portugal are considered one of the world’s 36 biodiversity hotspots, alongside places such as the Amazon and the African Savana.
o Portuguese oak cork forests are home to the endangered Iberian Lynx; the valuable Iberian verse array of animal species, including many that are rare or endangered such as the Iberian Linx, the Iberian black (truffle digging) pig; 160 bird species and they even support insect biodiversity.

• Besides maintaining soil health and preventing erosion, cork forests help prevent fires, due to their amazing fire-retardant qualities.

• Identified as a “carbon sink,” the cork oak tree is actually a tool for mitigating climate change since it absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and stores it in its wood and bark.

Giving Back: Corc Yoga donates a percentage of each product sold to their youth mental health partners: the Desafio Jovem organization in Portugal and The Youth Mental Health Project in the U.S. These donations directly benefit those who struggle with mental health by providing educational tools & resources for them & their loved ones.

About the Founder: It was during a trip to Portugal to help her heal from a family tragedy that female company founder, Christine Moghadam, got to know the farmers and artisans who craft products from one of the country’s best-known natural resources. She became determined to find a way to support such an earth and community-forward industry. The result, Corc Yoga, combines her avocation for yoga with her new passion for the fully renewable resource that is Portuguese cork.

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