Christine McDonald Collaborates with Local Artist Julene Ewert to Illustrate Her Upcoming Children’s Book

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UNITED STATES, September 13, 2023/ — The creative duo is ready to deliver a moving and vibrant children’s book.

Writing is an art, and writing children’s books is even more challenging. However, while most writers struggle to take on such a challenge, Christine McDonald thrives under such conditions, putting her literary prowess to the forefront and letting her imagination run wild to create a vibrant and captivating world for children.

The poet and writer has already amassed a reputation as a literary talent worth reading with her first book, My Two Mothers, which effortlessly combined prose and poetry, winning over many readers. Christine quickly followed up with Where Everything Wild Has a Home, Wild Poems in December 2022, releasing it to critical acclaim. In addition, she has also continued to cultivate a respectable readership by writing blog posts and newsletters.

Christine McDonald set her sights on writing a vibrant and positive children’s book that originated from a poem about her first day of school. She has found that writing about the joys of childhood and difficulties can be a source of creative inspiration. With that comes personal growth and the desire to help children through her books that contribute to their social and emotional development. Aptly titled ‘Just Imagine a Beautiful World,’ the book takes young readers through a story that celebrates new experiences and the beauty of the world around them. She has collaborated with local artist Julene Ewert to bring a more colorful book to readers.

The Washington-based writer also plans to arrange book readings and signings in September and October.

In conversation, she shared, “My goal with Just Imagine a Beautiful World is to deliver a heartwarming, imaginative, and vibrant children’s book that contributes to their emotional and social development. I’ve always been interested in documenting the beauty of wilderness, nature, and human nature, as evidenced by my poems. However, I wanted to spread my love for the world around us to young children. After all, I’m a soil scientist. Hence, I wrote a children’s book instead.”

Those interested in learning more can contact Christine via her website.

About Christine McDonald
Christine McDonald is a Washington-based scientist, poet, and writer. She has increased her reader base with her heart-centered books and poetry and continues to engross more readers with her literary prowess.

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