CHADEMA withdraws from next month’s polls

John Mrema, the party’s Protocol, Communication and Foreign Affairs director, said in a statement today June 14, 2023 that CHADEMA has decided not to participate in next month’s ward by-elections in 14 wards announced by NEC.

He said that NEC announced that District Executive Directors will execute the poll exercise, which he said was contrary to the continental court ruling.

The ACHPR arose from the Bob ChachaWangwevs the Attorney General of Tanzania in case no 011/2010 where ten ACHPR judges censured the procedure of assigning DEDs that role.

The ruling said the key local authority official should not officiate polls as it is contrary to statutes of human and political rights conventions of the African Union which Tanzania has signed.

The decision follows the failure by the commission to explain why the time for preparations is so short.

“We announce that CHADEMA will not participate on the scheduled councilors’ polls set out by NEC,” he affirmed..


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