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CEPTES and MagicRobot Announce Strategic Partnership to Help Accelerate Growth

CEPTES partners with MagicRobot, leveraging the 200 OK no-code integration platform, to provide streamlined business system solutions for customers.

CEPTES is excited to partner with MagicRobot and leverage their AI-driven tech stack. This partnership will allow to deliver ingenious solutions to our clients to improve efficiency, and reduce costs.”

— Priya Ranjan Panigrahy

IRVING, TEXAS, US, June 15, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — CEPTES Software (CEPTES), has announced a strategic partnership with MagicRobot, an innovative provider of AI-driven data management, analytics and intelligent automation technologies to unlock growth inside Salesforce.

The partnership is aimed at delivering novel solutions, allowing customers to consolidate their business systems through vertical and horizontal integration inside and outside Salesforce through our “advanced native no-code integration platform 200 OK “to improve growth, reduce customer acquisition costs and find capital efficiencies.

CEPTES Software’s 200 OK solution on Salesforce AppExchange, a no-code automation solution designed to help enterprises connect external apps and data sources without any coding. This lightweight application can be used by developers, admins, and business people looking to connect SaaS-based or API-based applications, making it a popular platform for unlocking new opportunities for digital transformation.

As part of the partnership, CEPTES will now be able to deliver a number of advantages to customers. For instance, companies can natively pull more data into Salesforce and see all their currently hidden and unstructured data via dashboards and reports without having to switch between systems or applications.

Mr. Priya Panigrahy, CEO of CEPTES, said, “We are excited to partner with MagicRobot and leverage their impressive AI-driven tech stack. This partnership will allow us to deliver ingenious solutions to our clients and help them streamline their business processes, improve efficiency, and reduce costs”.

The partnership with MagicRobot will further enhance CEPTES’s capabilities in Salesforce consulting and implementation services. MagicRobot’s technology complements CEPTES’s no-code ultimate integration app “200 OK”, enabling them to deliver unique market-leading solutions to clients across various industries.

We are pleased to be partnering with CEPTES to provide customers with an impressive range of native capabilities that will positively impact their overall business system design by moving away from the maze of integrated edge systems they are attempting to use hoping to solve various challenges, but only getting expensive half measures,” said MagicRobot CEO George Tierney. “By leveraging the combined technologies and expertise of MagicRobot and CEPTES’s no code tool 200 OK we can empower customers to exceed their sales goals, increase deal velocity and reduce customer acquisition costs including enhanced capabilities and increased efficiency in connecting and integrating applications. Among other things, this combo will also be able to boost sales enablement by arming growth, marketing, and revenue management teams with detailed impact data all while increasing capital efficiencies with one unified, highly automated “supercharged” tech stack vertically integrated inside Salesforce.

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About CEPTES Software:

CEPTES Software is a top-tier cloud service provider that delivers innovative business solutions on the world’s premier cloud platform. With over 13 years of experience, they have facilitated the transformation of various critical business verticals for over 1000 companies across different industries.

Regarded as a leader in developing future-proof products and offering managed services, CEPTES has gained immense popularity with its seven widely acclaimed applications, including DataArchiva, XfilesPro, RealE 360, and 200 OK.

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About MagicRobot:

MagicRobot® is a Salesforce AI-driven data management, analytics, and automation technology company. The company’s MagicAttribution™ software delivers novel technology that reveals enriched data focused on optimizing the performance of sales and marketing programs. Our 100% Salesforce native business intelligence solution assists in driving sales growth by mining, analyzing, and reporting deep cross-view revenue attribution data to leadership, sales, and marketing teams. This enables them to work more efficiently, track pipelines, measure campaign influence, and view deal velocity to optimize their company’s sales and marketing mix which leads to accelerated revenue growth. MagicOS™ is an advanced operating system that installs inside Salesforce and is designed for use by admins, developers, and systems integrators to easily solve a wide breadth of challenges giving them the ability to create their ‘dream’ Salesforce Org.

For more information, please visit: www.magicrobot.com

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