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Welcome back !

Books and DreamGalaxy+ UpdatesHey I am incredibly excited to be back returning to the discussion of the hottest books out now , Cashless Society 101 & The Last Digital Frontier.The Last Digital Frontier tells a long overdue and timeless story of the rise of mankind in Africa, uncovers inventions and innovations across the continent throughout time, and paints a forecast of its digital revolution in the 21st century and beyondThe Cashless Society 101 tells the intersection between data A.I, and Society. Also how individuals, public and private institutions can do right in a world that normalizes and rewards unethical leadership and exclusive innovation. 2 PRINT BOOKS BUNDLE SALES LINKCheck out our redesigned DreamGalaxy App+ experience now accessible across all devices on web, mobile, tablet, chromebooks and smartTV!Thanks for reading DreamGalaxy Platform! Subscribe for free to receive new posts and support my work.Thank you for reading DreamGalaxy Platform. This post is public so feel free to share it.

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Family First: Happy Holidays and Thank You

Cashless Society 101 book preview and launch updatesDear Cashless Society 101 presale backers,We did it! The book manuscript passed all the copy-editing and proofreading stages as well as some early reviews and is ready for publishing. However, I must ask one last time for your patience.I have decided to delay both the ebook and print launch until late February early March 2022 in time for Spring to both allow me some much needed personal and family time but also allow for more in person book tour events. The ebook preview is available for the ever curious and excited as I am for your review. Just send me a message and I will gladly share a link for you to read the ebook preview final copy between now and the official launch.Final book cover design (ebook preview available upon request):As a writer and entrepreneur, my satisfaction is from the journey of creating, sometimes alone but often alongside others and I am grateful to my business partner Franco Abot, you my early backers and the entire New Degree Press, my publisher for their flexibility and support this year. We did it together, but first, let’s enjoy the holidays with those dear to us, stay safe and then start the year with much deeper reflection and conversations around the modern ethics of inclusive innovation and leadership. A lot will be shared in the new year including our new Cashless Society 101 Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) Investment Fund connecting investors to ethical and inclusive innovators around the world. Mwasingia (Thank you in Lukonzo)Asingia (Brian Asingia)

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2 Book Bundle and Press Reviews for You @brianasingia #AskAsingiaDear book presale backers,The manuscript is in the final stages of copy-editing and is on schedule despite my personal engagements. We are still on track for a winter/spring book mailing by my birthday on February 28th.  Below are snippets of the book.Video on Advising Inclusive Innovators: How NewChip Mentors Are Impacting StartupsEpigraph“Society often forgives the criminal; it never forgives the dreamer. The beautiful sterile emotions that art excites in us are hateful in its eyes, and so completely are people dominated by the tyranny of this dreadful social ideal that they are always coming shamelessly up to one at Private Views and other places that are open to the general public, and saying in a loud stentorian voice, ‘What are you doing?’ whereas ‘What are you thinking?’ is the only question that any single civilized being should ever be allowed to whisper to another. They mean well, no doubt, these honest beaming folk. Perhaps that is the reason why they are so excessively tedious. But someone should teach them that while, in the opinion of society, Contemplation is the gravest sin of which any citizen can be guilty, in the opinion of the highest culture it is the proper occupation of man.” – Oscar Wilde (Book: In Praise of Disobedience)DedicationTo my love and family:The world is yours and dreams do come true.Trust Culture,Asingia.Book Club Bundle for my 2 books: Society 101A Practical (Values to Action) Guide to Ethical Leadership and Inclusive InnovationThe Last Digital FrontierThe History and Future of Science and Technology in AfricaP.S As the BETA readers are now done, I am in need of early reviews from experts, backers, the press, and more. Email me directly at to read a chapter of your choice or the complete manuscript and share your early reader review that may be included in the book promotion material. Podcast and or press and library or book store introductions are also welcome. Join us at @brianasingia #AskAsingia

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New Content on DreamGalaxy Academy

Weekly AAUTV media across different topics from research to trade and newsDreamGalaxy Academy now features the latest content regularly updated from our content partners including AUUTV. Please visit our website to read, listen, watch and or earn across web, mobile, tablet, chromebook and or smartTV. As always, we believe that everyone has a story and that every story matters! What is your story? join us at to share your educational media in any language or media format.

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Updated Author Website + Event Tickets

Updated book author site + 25% women’s investment summit ticketsI am excited to share my updated author website that will have book tour details and event recordings moving forward.As another update, round one of Marketing and Revisions edits for my 2nd book Cashless Society 101 is now done and I expect to have round two done by end of the month before we submit for the Copyediting and cover design process or stages in October. Thank you for those that have been offering BETA reader feedback. If you are still interested in being a BETA reader, please email me at and you will be send the chapters for review.Lastly, I am honored to be part of the #WeROC panel on September 24th and the conversation about bias in fundraising for the womens investment conference by @venture.capital_org #cashlesssociety101 #bookcreators #AskAsingia #ethics #womenleaders #womeninbusinessEvent Registration Page: Event Page: off promo code:

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Ethical Leadership and Inclusive Innovation book presale

Get your copy today! The publisher has approved the presale extension just for youI am excited to share that my publisher New Degree Press has approved my Cashless Society 101 book presale extension by another 30 days! I am truly grateful for the support so far from friends, former coworkers and colleagues. Here is the link to share: I start the book editing and revisions process, I will be sharing more updates and invite you to ask a friend or two to join us so we can double our campaign target todate!

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Students need intellectual property policies know-how – Asingia

Our CEO recently address the Association of African Universities on Inclusive Innovation in a Cashless SocietyOriginal Article: need intellectual property policies know-how“[The] university system is one of the most effective ways to bring [about] change for local innovations through experiential learning,” said Asingia.Gilbert Nakweya  15 July 2021Africa’s higher education can be the innovation engine that the continent needs to be globally competitive only if it becomes more focused on experiential or practical learning, according to Brian Asingia, CEO of the online platform DreamGalaxy.Asingia believes that, with the right policies, training, advice and support, especially pertaining to human and financial capital, Africa, like Asia, can create and own unique intellectual property rights in medical, fintech, energy, travel and space innovation fields.He cited and applauded Rwanda where the government has set policies that support entrepreneurship and protect local innovations as well as facilitate foreign investment support for local innovation.Speaking about the future of science and technology in Africa during the general conference of the Association of African Universities held virtually from 5-8 July, Asingia said that African universities are well positioned to play a critical role in research and local innovations that provide solutions to local problems.“[The] university system is one of the most effective ways to bring [about] change for local innovations through experiential learning,” said Asingia.He called for programmes to train students in intellectual property policies in order to register and protect their innovations and reap subsequent financial benefits.Training ethical entrepreneursSpeaking during a plenary session on the future of science and technology in Africa, Asingia told the conference delegates that public and private institutions of higher education need to collaborate across the four critical areas of reliable and affordable energy, clean and affordable water, accessible and inclusive mobile or digital banking and working against those who infringe on intellectual property.In an exclusive follow-up interview with University World News, Asingia said that his company is training, advising and supporting (both in human and financial capital) ethical entrepreneurial leaders and innovators to launch, grow and scale inclusive innovations across cultures and borders.This is done through DreamGalaxy Academy, a platform that curates and distributes culturally relevant educational media for lifelong learners as well as DreamGalaxy Advisory which advises and supports entrepreneurs and executives in their ethical leadership and inclusive innovation strategies and programmes.The academy currently distributes educational media to AAU universities through its AAUTV division that, in turn, is accessed globally across 1,600 cities and more than 151 countries, leading to increased inter-university and student-teacher collaborations.Asingia called for inclusive innovation initiatives by African universities that consider all stakeholders and teaching systems that challenge students to think about Africa’s Agenda 2063 and how to contribute to it.Free tradeThrough collaborations with stakeholders such as alumni networks, governments and the private sector, Asingia said that African universities could develop start-ups that can place Africa on the global map.“Supporting the AU Agenda 2063 and prioritising the realisation of the Africa Continental Free Trade Area agreement (AfCFTA) is important to bring about the much-needed scale and collaborative environment across cultures and borders needed for Africans to thrive, despite foreign competition and interference,” said Asingia.“The time is ours as students, educators, innovators and leaders to act towards Agenda 2063 and the AfCFTA across cultures and borders and education, both through culturally responsive digital media as well as experiential learning models backed by strong intellectual property policies enforcement and a thriving inclusive digital banking experience are how we get there,” he said.To overcome challenges of innovation in science and technology, such as scaling and ownership, Asingia called for more favourable banking policies that would, among others, make it easier to facilitate cross-border payments.“Universities here can play a critical role with hybrid commercialisation [in which case, innovators keep and maintain economic control and ownership of their ideas, innovation and strategies] and we are eager to launch such pilot programmes with interested higher education institutions,” said Asingia.

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Summer Gratitude and Book Presale

Hey, I hope you’re doing well! I recently got engaged and am excited for the next chapter.I wanted to let you know that I’m hosting a pre-launch campaign for my book Cashless Society 101: A Values to Action Guide to Ethical Leadership and Inclusive Innovation. It would mean the world to me if you would pre-order my book and become a part of my author community. Are you free to chat about this more in the next few days?If you’re interested, here’s the link to my campaign: As my social media follower and supporter, it would mean a lot to know you’re in my corner!US ONLY: Back directly for FREE shippingINTERNATIONAL ONLY: Identify the perk that interests you, e.g. 1 or 2 paperbacksSelect the pink “Back it” button to “Make a contribution” for the same amount (this choice bypasses the shipping address page)Use this form to share your mailing address, so I can calculate the international shipping costs and invoice you for that amount via PayPal/Venmo or Stripe (card and other international payments)Thank you,Brian Asingia